Safe broke????

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    This sucks. I decide to go out tonight, open my safe, take out my personal protection gear, lock the safe and leave. The safe in this case is a small Stack-On drawer safe, electronic combo / key backup.

    I return home and go to put the gun away. The combo doesn't come on - nothing - nada - no lights, no sounds no nothin'. I figure the batteries died, but there was no warning lights like I should get. Okay, so it sucks but it could happen.

    I go to other safe to get the key. Put key in lock, won't turn! No lights, no sounds, no key work, no entry. So, I have another gun and ammo in locked drawer safe and as of this minute no entry. I know I have the right key - I know this cause I have a few safes and I've tried every key I own.

    Anyone ever see this before? Other than drilling the lock to get the gun out, any suggestions?

    :evil: :evil:
  2. It's time for the old Lock Smith remedy. A good one can fix it, but it might cost your a dime or two!!

  3. I would be calling the company who makes the safe and speak with their CS or Tech Rep and see what they have to say. Sounds like the main board for you electronic combo died and needs to be replaced.

    Good luck and let us know how things turn out.

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    I have a gas torch. lol

    Sucks, I was hopin I'd read this thread and it be some stupid my pistol rack fell or somthin to that affect.

    BUt I must admit that you have a broke safe. I hope you do not come to a loss IE the cost of the safe from drillin it open. As for the trapped gun, well at least it's safe.

    Good luck bro.
  5. Thanks guys.

    I guess the good news is the KelTec P-11 is IN the safe and my M&P was on my side. Were the M&P in the safe, this would be a whole different conversation.


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    I'm lucky no kids around no need for a safe so that problem never arises. Sorry, My advise is call a do the above
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    you might also try finding out if the safe has a external battery port i know that some electronic safe's have that option.
    you might also check to see if you can get the safe serial number(mine was on the back of my stack on safe) and get a new key mailed from stack on.
  8. +1, as rimfirehunter said. Call manufacturer!
    Hmmm, makes me think even more now about the "electric combo/keyback-up as I have asked in a previous thread/post.
    May have to go with an original combo lock for storage safe.
    Good luck!
  9. ok - i called the maker........ they told me what key should work, of course I don't have THAT key. At this point, I think I screwed up and locked THAT key in the safe!!! What a dope - I was so careful.....

    So, I'll order another one. See if that works.
  10. Explosives? Like the old west bank robbers