Saiga 12 drum in final testing phase

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    bump fired by the developers brother . 20 rds in 2 seconds. 20 ounces of lead downrange in 2 seconds! I cant frigging wait!
  2. That is so friggin sweet it's not funny!

  3. The companydoing the molding for Mike supplied him with x number of trial drums and he is testing them on his saiga 12s (he owns 5 or 6 I think) and he is sending some out for the select members of saiga to test on their weapons, and if everyone reports no problems he will tell the company to start mass producing them

    Should be any day now :) :) :)

    I have never bump fired, but I can see I will have to learn.

    Might be a little iffy for a lefty though LOL

    IMHO the Saiga 12 is the second most lethal shotgun in the world, only surpassed by the AA-12, a military shotgun that will never be avaliable to the public.

    And the sweet thing is that it converts just like any other saiga to the AK mode
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    You beat me to the post Waltham41, I think when we all get our drums there will be a rash of vid's posted. :D
  5. You got that right Paladin hehehe
  6. Waltham, I am a left handed rifle and shotgun shooter and I bump fire my AK all the time. The principles are the same, just switch to other sides of the body from righty to leftie.
  7. I am a little on the uncoordinated side, but I will give it a "shot" so to speak :)
  8. The wife threw a fit when I bought 1000 rds of 12 gauge ammo, I can see her when I tell her I need more :roll:
  9. LOL! Sweet! Careful bumpfiring on the left, primal says it's easy, but I've seen people get a little hurt (nothing serious) with the bolt handle on the left. Might wanna try it righty style since there is no accuracy to worry about, might as well try it. How much are those drums projected to sell at? The other drums are too expensive, but this might be the breaking point to make me get an saiga
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    That's pretty freakin' cool. I've been on the lookout for a Saiga shottie since I bought my x39. I'd even settle for a 20 gauge.
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    Must... Bring to... Trap league...
  12. I hear ya on the bolt and empties hitting you if you tried bump firing lefty I will try it right handed

    The first pre-payed production run was $165 (I jumped in on that one) and now that he is ready to go into production the price has went up to 215.
    The drum is black and you have the choice of black, smoke or clear for the cover to the drum.

    Pricey, but for the firepower you get, well worth the money.
    And unlike the other drum, everyone expects this one to work fine

    He is also comming out with a mag well that will enable you to stick a mag straight up into the shotty like an AR instead of rocking it in like an AK

  13. I would hold out for the 12 if it were me. More accessories for it
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    from the MD Arms site:
    Saiga-12 20rd Drum Mag (MD-20)
    Our Price: $215.00

    + Handling Fee: $3.00
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    When you look at other drums that have been (and some gone now) $215.00 is cheap for a 12ga drum. Saiga 12's can be hard to come by, word on the street the next shipment will in April. You can keep an eye out at among other places.

    If you want THE ultimate shotgun this is it, with or without the drum :shock:
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    Oh I want one. But mags thats cost $11 a round are hard to swallow. I have made worse investments though.
  17. Just think of the firepower it is giving you and it makes it easier to swallow ;)

    In the video, 20 rds was shot out in 2 seconds

    That is 22 1/2 ounces of lead if you are using 1 1/8 ounce shot shells

    Almost a pound and a half of lead. Nothing could easily survive that.

    or 20 one ounce slugs. What animal in the US could live through that?
  18. Yes, but you are talking about BUMP firing, not aimed firing, and unless they are very close, bump firing is only good for slowing down a crowd coming at you. I am certainly not saying that the drums aren't worth it, but speaking of defensive standpoint, you aren't going to accurately unload that much lead in 2 seconds in real life. Of course on the other hand, if you simply wanna scare the bajesus out of them from the other side of the house and collateral damage isn't a worry, then yes, you found your delivery system!
  19. True Taurus, but even aimed fire you could probably send 20 rds downrange in 10 seconds or so if you needed to.

    That is still impressive in my book

    I'm looking at total lead on target, no rifle can put as much out besides maybe a .50 Barrett, and no other shotty can match the sustained firepower that can be civilian owned.

    I'm looking at being able to shoot 20 rds, drop that drum and put a 10 rd mag in and have a string of 30 rds of 12 gauge in quick succession.

    Come on Taurus, come over to the dark side :lol: