Saiga 12 videos

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  1. Here are the videos I said I would take.

    Mine is with 12 gauge Magnum 00 buck, and my s/son is with Hi Brass medium load number 4 shot.


  2. Nice vids there waltham! :D

  3. Thanks, and its surprising that even with a hard plastic stock, the magnum shells do not kick that bad at all.

    In my mossberg 500 with the factory rubber pad on the wood stock, they kick the heck out of me :shock:

    And I would have to say that the saiga 12 is lighter than the mossberg
  4. Nice vids. I have heard others also say they are surprised that the recoil is less on a S12 then they figured it would be.
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    Damn. I wanna see the damage.
    Looks like you guys had fun.
  6. We have been shooting into a 5 ft tall plastic drum. It is full of holes and birdshot.

    I have an old washing machine behind it that is full of wood to catch anything that gets through the drum, and it is covered with shot pattern also.

    I will have to set up a fresh target of some sort and hit it a couple of times and take a pic.
  7. Thats an awesome video of your son. Your video was all backwards and crap Walt. You need to seek out a mad scientist or something and see if he can switch you over to a righty. :wink:
  8. Man, that Saiga tosses brass as bad as my AK does. The other day at the range I shot a round out of my AK and it went 3 stalls over and hit the guy's wife on the foot. Hot brass, open toe sandals... Reminded me of when Taurus357 got a .50AE brass stuck between his toes and his sandals.... LMAO!!!

    Oh, and Adjuster, I shoot lefty too. There is nothing wrong with it, it's a perfectly acceptable alternative shooting style...

    Wow, sounds like I am talking about something entirely different doesn't it? :shock: :D
  9. I'd like one of those someday.

    Awesome videos. :D
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  11. Nice vids!!

    Makes me want to go get a Saiga 12.

    Oh wait!!

    I already have one! :)

    Are you going to convert it or are you happy with the dragunov style stock? How much did that run you?

    I have all the parts necessary to convert mine to a pistol grip style but I'm just super lazy.
  12. Sweet.

    I'm seein a fellow south paw there :wink:
  13. Moderators please ban all lefties. [​IMG]
  14. Bobotech, I am goin to leave it like it is. The conversion may be nicer but I am happy with mine the way it is. I am a student of the "If it aint broke dont fix it" school.

    The draganov stock cost me 75 plus shipping. It is a russian stock that will fit all saigas except the s100 whatever that is.

    Short story guys, I was born a lefty, but for some reason back when I was a kid in the early 60's, there was some sort of stigma against lefties.

    My mom used to spank me when she caught me doing things left handed so it pressured me to become right handed

    Now I write right handed, I can shoot a rifle either handed but left feels more natural and shoot pool left handed and pistols right or left handed. Got me all messed up :lol:

    That was the one thing that I didnt like about my video too, that my fat rear covered up the shotgun :shock:
  15. That looks like fun. Now I need to find one.

  16. What about Admins? I am right handed but I shoot leftie.....

    So, what you got to say for yourself now.... PUNK!? :wink: :D
  17. What is the chain of command? Can a moderator ban an admin? Us righties need to stand up and reclaim the ground we have let slip to the lefties. All this aside I really want a Saiga anything!!!
  18. The only ones that can ban anyone is an Admin. So, Jones, GlockMan and myself.
  19. Are Jones and Glockman righties? I need to know who stands with me brothers in right handed arms.