Saiga .223

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  1. Does anyone have any experience with this gun, or know about reliability or accuracy of these rifles. I am looking into getting one but am having trouble finding anay info about the above questions,
  2. It is a good reliable weapon, based on the AK design. It will not be as accurate as an AR, but you will pay less for this gun than you will an AR, so it is a trade off.

  3. any idea about the size of grouping at 100yds?
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  5. Picking up a saiga for xmas here soon, i'm getting one in 7.62x39. damn good rifle.
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    It is reliable and accurate. It has the rather cheap looking AK appearance but works well.

    One thing that I don't like about mine is that the bolt face is not flat and it has an offset at the primer/casing interface, making reloading rounds not a pleasant experience. I am tempted to machine the bolt offset flat. I read somewhere that the Russians do this to prevent the citizens from reloading ammo so that they have a better account of ammo that people have.

    Wolf 223 ammo is available in both Berden and Boxer priming. It shoots well in the Saiga.

    Magazines are not stock AK mags, 20 rounders are available as well as the standard 10 round.

    The lack of a pistol grip does not impact the weapon in any real way except asthetics. The trigger is ok and can be improved with some polishing of the hammer face and sear components.

    In all the Saiga 223 is a pleasant weapon and not nearly the beast that the 308 Saiga is. With each weapon the owners manual shows what accuracy that the Ishmash factory has shot with that particular weapon. It is pretty cool to see the test results and the persons signature that did the test.

    The AK has a gas piston to aid in rechambering. Something the AR lacks. The gas piston keeps the bolt area clean.

    Dissassmbly is very easy with the Saiga just as with as all AK's Of course the AR is easy to take it apart. There is video on Youtube that shows a 12 year old girl field stripping an AR and reassembling it just seconds. The Saiga 223 is noticably heavier than the AR. Both shoot with very little recoil.

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    I own the Saiga .223 and cannot say enough good things about it. Bloody rock solid AK. They're very affordable, and are even made by Izhmash. As another member pointed out you do get a booklet that has the grouping results of the test fire prior to the weapon passing the factory inspections to be shipped and sold. It's even signed (personally) by the person who did the test. That's pretty cool.

    Straight from the factory the only sight adjustment my .223 needed was ONE click on the elevation and it was bloody accurate!
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    I also am an owner of the Saiga .223. I love it. It works as reliably as one would come to expect from an AK design. I am pretty satisfied with the accuracy of mine too. I shoot wolf through it mostly so I'm not expecting pinpoint accuracy but I am only a once in a while plinker. I love AR's too but I just don't have the money to get one. My friend has a M4 and still loves to shoot my Saiga. The Saiga in any caliber is a good buy!
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    Glockman has one (I think)
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    I love mine! Never had any problems with it at all. I've only ever shot wolf HP's out of it but I usually get about 3 inch groups at 100yds. Here's a pic for your droolin'
  11. JUST BUY IT!!!! You won't be sorry. I have a 7.62x39 and just put another one on layaway. As soon as I pay for that one, I'm getting another one. At 295.00 for a brand new rifle???? That's got to be the "Hi-Point" of assault rifles. I fired 160 rounds out of my first one right out of the box using Wolf Military Classic without a single problem. I'll probably buy a few of them in .223 as well. :wink:
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    Nice camo job nice rifle overall!
  13. I hear that the prices are fixing to go up some across the board for the saiga weapons. The ruskies are doing it
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    I "may" have to treat myself this Xmas...
    Its already on "the list" ;)
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    I've owned 2 Saiga 223s, the 1st was a short barrell version and the current rifle is the long barrel with a home made barrel shroud. Both were scoped with 3x9x40 on the factory scope mount/ring combo, set off the receiver's integral side rail. It's a very solid scope set up as the rail is mounted straight and firm,making zeroing easy,staying tight and still retaining the ability to use the open iron sights. The short barrel exhibited much more muzzle blast/fire then the long barell and I find that the 22" vs.16" bbll gives an accuracy advantage.I shoot Wolf steel, Monarch steel and brass and American Eagle brass 223.These guns are solid,well made,easy to clean and a great value.
  16. I am still running the idea of getting the saiga, but now I am also thinking about building an AR, so idk what I am going to do yet. decisions, decisions.

    I am mainly going to use it as a coyote gun, and would like better than 3 inches at 100 yds, so I might end up going for the AR build,

    any opinions?
  17. With the right ammo, mine will group that or maybe better at 100 yards, but my AR-15s will do better on the same ammo.

    I have used mine for coyotes though without any problem. I did buy an AR for prairiedogs though, the Saiga just didn't shoot quite tight enough to really reach out there past 200 yards.