Saiga .223

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  1. Aw Heck! Here's my Saiga conversion. It's not supposed to look like a real AK but it is durable with the Choate stock. It is 922r compliant.
  2. Nice-- Kind of what I would like to do with the 7.62X39--

    Looks nice!!! :D

  3. Ari

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    hey that looks great! Is your bolt chrome looking or is that the flash?

  4. Looks like the flash to me, but whatever! That's a sweet Saiga no matter what light you photograph it in!
  5. Always good to see a "liberated" Saiga. Did you thread the barrel or is that a slip on brake?
  6. Very nice dude. Although with the Drugaetc rear furniture, I expected to see a scope :)
  7. So did you do the conversion? Does conversion mean it will now take the regular AK mags? I know it means gutting and putting on a pistol grip, but can the mag well be done? What trigger did you get?
  8. Thanks for the nice comments. There are some really impressive conversions over on the Saiga-12 Forum and lots of great advice.
    The bolt is not chromed. I made an attempt to polish it but never finished. That is a slip-on brake. I bought it from a guy on Saiga-12 who has created a small industry fabricating mods for many Saiga models. The idea was to get a Dragunov look to the rifle since it has the longer barrel. I do have a scope for it, a POSP 4X24. I couldn't photo the rifle with it on because it would fall over. I haven't figured a way to mount my Harris bipod yet on the new hand guard. The lower hand guard retainer is a custom part from Dinzag Arms which lets you mount the hand guard without pressing off the front gas block and front sight base. The upper hand guard is mounted on a Bulgarian vented gas tube.
    I never did the bullet guide to allow using Galil 35 rd. magazines although I did buy two mags while they were still cheap. It is possible to mod the mag wells to accept standard AK mags but I don't have the confidence to do it.
    I did the G2 single hook trigger conversion. The Red Star adjustable was too much dinero. The rifle bump fires pretty well since I polished up the trigger group.
    By stating it was 922r compliant I meant that I have replaced enough foreign parts to allow the use of a foreign made hi-cap magazine legally.
  9. Yup if you are going Saiga you need to know Dinzag.Thats where i bought my bullet guide and rented the stuff to thread my barrel.
  10. 8andsand,
    Brian stopped making the slip on brake because the sleeve diameters on the muzzle weren't consistent. Mine keeps loosening up after about 75 rounds even with thread locker. I like it anyway. I just clean it and remount it . He's a great guy to deal with . He even offered to exchange my old brake for a new one to thread on.
    I highly recommend Dinzag Arms to anyone trying a Saiga conversion.
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    Man I like that gun
  12. I don't want to over do this but here's a pic of what it looked like before the new hand guard.
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    Have to ask, how did you mount the bipod, did you drill and install your own rail?
  14. Fenix,
    No rail involved!
    I used an Uncle Mike's machine screw fore-end base. I drilled a hole in the handgrip where there was enough room to dremel out a space to attach it with the nut and washer. While the whole setup looks pretty good, the hi-cap mag would make it difficult to shoot in a prone position. The legs are extended one notch so it won't hit the ground. That's the main reason I didn't bother installing a bullet ramp to actually make that mag functional.
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    That picture is really making me want one. Just chamber it in .308 and it looks like it would be a sweet shooter.