Saiga AK's WOW! Just bought one:)

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    Anyone here own any of the Saiga AK models? WOW! What an awesome rifle. I'm the proud owner of a Saiga AK in a .223 cal Geez oh man.., Saiga makes these AK models in so many cals. You can get 7.62, 308, and 223. They even make AK based semi-auto shotguns!

    The price cannot be beat.., PLUS the Saiga models are even Russian made. If I remember correctly.., they're made in a former Soviet Arms plant in Russia. What blows my mind is I bought a Russian made AK for $280 brand new!!!!!!! I've been reading reviews for the last week on them. From what I've seen the Saiga models are said to be the best bargain AK available in the US, and that its quality (considering it's made in Russia) even beats out Chinese and other clone models. My model is the hunters version. It doesn't have the standard AK pistol grip, rather the classic rifle stock and grip. It comes with a standard 10 round mag, but I also ordered a 30 round:)

    Anywho, anyone here own one? Truely an amazing bargain, and with all pun intended literally the best "BANG" for the buck when it comes to a well built, and reliable AK.

  2. Yes I own a saiga in 7.62x39. Mine has been converted. I will agree that they are some of the best bang for the buck when it comes to AK's. Check out this site for more saiga info .Oh and if you put that 30 round mag in an unconverted saiga you will be violating 922(r) . If you put a hi capacity magazine in a saiga it is no longer considered a "sporting rifle" and must be in compliance with 922(r). Thats why alot of people convert them, so they can use hicap mags. Here is a picture of my converted saiga ( and my toes :lol: )


  3. Good purchase. I just go one myself not too long ago.

    Don't put that 30 round mag anywhere near your rifle, though.

    Check out the Saiga forum for lots of info on what you need to do in order to use it. It will take some work, but you'll get to know your new rifle intimately in the process.

  4. The only thing I do not like about the Saigas (I own a Saiga 12 gauge shotgun and a friend owns a Saiga 7.62x39) is that the fire control group has a lot more parts to it than a "normal" AK. More parts means more things that can go wrong and more things that can break.

    Other than that they are good weapons.

    I gave my friend grief for the longest time telling him that his rifle was not a AK it was a Saiga.

    Now I own a Saiga and am wondering how to get myself out of this hole I dug LOL
  5. I realllly want one of their 12ga shotties.

    I'd also settle for one in .308
  6. Not if you do the full conversion!! :)

  7. How much does a "full conversion" cost? I'm planning on getting one very soon (yay, xmas)
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    I have really went back and forth over getting one in 7.62 x 39mm. If I ever do, I would go ahead and do the conversion. A friend has one and loves his. They are a very good bargain.
  9. I would say "spare parts" all the way up to a few hundred dollars.

    In my estimation, you basically need a G2 trigger group (like the Tapco G2), a pistol grip, the pistol grip nut and bolt, and the stock for the basics.

    Not much but you can go nuts, one of those RSA adjustable triggers, a fancy pistol grip, and a super expensive polymer stock that looks like a russian one.

    Or you could do what I'm going to do and modify some loose crap that I have laying around in my AK parts bins and built around that.

    The 308-223-7.62x39 is a bit more complex because of the feed ramp issues when converting to other mags from what I hear.
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    Hmmm, I thought that with all the 30 round mags I've seen on that it was just a standard mag to use. I had no idea you had to convert the weapon to hold the 30rd mag. No biggie though. I bought this weapon for the sole purpose of hunting. So the 30 round mag really isn't needed. Just adds to the "cool factor". I will however buy the Saiga butt stock with adjustable cheek. Nice looking stock. I figure that with a nice scope would make it a well rounded hunting rifle. I'm just shocked at how cheap these things are, and they're freaking Russian made!

  11. I would not be surprised if the Saigas are the next Polytechs in the way of being bargains now but maybe very expensive in the future.
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    I agree.., these things are gonna be just like HP's. Once people realize how much of a bargain these rifles are the demand will go up and so will the price.

    The store I bought mine from had NO IDEA what they were. I also got mine for the going price of the .223 as well. The guy who looked it up had to check twice because he was shocked that he could sell me this weapon for that price. I remember him saying "geez this thing is Russian made for under $300".

    Buy em if you can folks. It probably won't take too long for these to really gain in popularity.
  13. the cost of the conversion depends on how wild or mild you want to get. I spent about $140 on conversion parts. But that included renting stuff to thread the barrel. Of course I just did a basic conversion. I have prob $400 total in my saiga for the gun and conversion parts.
  14. Just look at how the shotties have increased in price. You could buy one for $200 something now they are $450+ if you can find them at all. Thats why im going to add an S12, S308 , another 7.62x39 and possibly one in .223 (The AR15 mag conversion in a saiga .223 is way cool :twisted: ) to my collection .
  15. I have been looking at and wanting one of these guns for awhile. I am hoping to order the same gun at the end of the year. I am happy for you !
    A :D
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    Thanks! I had no idea the weapon would need converted to hold the 30 round clip (my fault on that one). However, even though I ordered one, a friend of mine is buying that extra clip off of me. So no real money loss there. I got a deal on the clip because I purchased it with the gun.
  17. The bullet guide is no problem. Just order a bullet guide kit from Dinzag . Comes with everything you need to install. You just drill a hole, tap it , and screw it in with a little locktight. I was sort of worried about it but it was no problem.

    You can checkout this thread for a cost breakdown of my conversion and the websites where I got my parts. It's towards the bottom of the first page.
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    I just read on the Saiga Forum that there are now 30rd mags available for the .223 that are 922r compliant and require NO modification of the rifle. Anyone try them yet?
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    I've owned 6,NIB Saiga rifles in each factory-offered centerfire caliber; in synthetic & wood furniture and long and short barrels. My recent acquistion,yesterday, was the .223 long barrel rifle. I can say emphatically that I have NEVER got tagged with a "BAD" Saiga product.They are very failry priced, easy to shoot and scope, field strip, clean & reassemble. Each of my rifles functioned 100% with any brand of brass or steel ammo.
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    Welcome to the club....
    I own a x39 and love it :D 770+ rounds so far noproblemo's
    when I save a little more $$ the .308 will be my next gun.