Saiga Calibers

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  1. Jettster

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    So I don't know much about shotguns, but I like the Saiga shotties and was interested in getting one. Why is the 12ga more desirable than the 20ga or others. Is is just the cheaper ammo option?
  2. Carbin8r

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    "Bigger is better" :)

  4. 12 guage is the most popular and would be the easiest to find in a SHTF situation.
  5. Silicon Wolverine

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    The only reason 20 ga exists is there are people who cant handle the recoil of a 12 ga. mostly women and youth. we had one old fart at the trap range who shot a 20 ga but it was because he had shoulder problems and the lesser recoil didnt hurt as much.

  6. yeah i'd go 12 guage.

    i"d love one of those things but dayum mags are expensivee
  7. Good luck finding a Saiga 12.

    They are getting rare like hen's teeth.

    You find one, you buy it.
  8. I bet there is already a waiting list of more people than they will get in shottys.

    The problem is that people looking for a Saiga 12 gauge right now reminds you of a combination of the benny hill show and a monty python skit.

    Somebody will get 10 in and a crowd of 50 people rush over to buy them, and then they rush over somewhere else when someone says there are a couple there. And so forth.

    Its actually sad to watch.

    One just sold on gunbroker plain jane new in the box for $800. Someone said to hell with it, they wanted one and wanted it now. :shock:
  9. Dayum! $800.00 for a Siaga shotgun? That's about $500.00 more than I'd pay for one. Sheesh, that's nuts.
  10. Umm sorry but you didn't even read the link.

    "We are not taking a waiting list or pre orders at this time ,please feel free to check back in April to see if the situation has improved."
  11. Jettster

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    So, I got the Saiga 12, $599.
  12. Didn't need to, I have been there and other places many times, as has any other person looking for one, or seeing what others are paying compared to what they paid.

    There are still guys thinking their preorders of $399 are gonna be honored, I don't see it happening, they have gone up too much since the orders were placed 3 months ago.
  13. Actually Primal I think they are worth $500 or so, considering what you can do with one as far as turning it into a lean mean killing machine.

    Go to the Tromix site and read the testimonial from the special ops fellow that said they had a couple of his S12's in Afghanistan I think and loved them enough that they named them. ;)

    Wait until I get mine back and the drum, soon, very soon. It will put the want in you, trust me.

    Im gonna learn how to bump fire, like this hehehe

  14. Why don't you try shoulder firing that fully auto 12 guage shottie that was on Future Weapons.... That's the shottie I want.
  15. Tony at Tromix makes the S12's full automatic with a 8 inch barrel if you can get the paperwork to make it legal for you

    That and a 20 rd drum and you are set.

    No offense, but future weapons is just that, future weapons. I will probably never see one in my life, so I will go with what I can get.

    If you are not a AK man, the S12 probably isnt your cup of tea, but since I am, it is a dream for me :)
  16. I just recently bought a S410 because it was a good deal. I stand there looking at it wondering why on earth the 12's have gotten to and above the grand mark on gunbroker. Then I shoot the 410 and go "oh, that's why"! The 410 sucks because the ammo is so stupidly priced. But I tell you what, it kills turkeys and my 10 year old loves shooting it. Will I buy an S12? Absolutely! Will I pay over a grand for one? Not! Unless I have to, dammit. :lol:
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    600 for a 12 gauge? WOW

    Wonder how much the 308 is now?
    Want one with AK furniture baddd!
  18. Silicon Wolverine

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    balls, 800$? i paid that for a NIB browning gold hunter 12ga auto with a 9 round mag extension.