saiga conversion project: 56k death

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  1. Just thought I would share a bit of my night last night. My roommate recently purchased a saiga 7.62x39 and the parts to convert it to standard AK layout. We decided to tackle the job last night.

    Getting started:
    everything looks so peaceful for now...

    first step is to drill out the shoulders of the two rivets that hold the trigger and the bolt hold open hardware.

    Once drilled, use a hammer(or hammer like object) to drive the pins out:


    Now you can remove the trigger assembly and the extension plate that moves it back in the receiver.

    Now the tough part. To remove the trigger plate you have to take the heads off of two rivets then drill them out.

    rear rivet removed, beginning to work on the next step, removing the damned spot weld that holds the front of the trigger guard. I did this step. Due to the insane amount of mental anguish involved I did not take pix of getting it out. I could NOT get ANY bits to grab into the weld(even my super small cobalt bit!!). I finally used a tapered tip grinding attachment for my dremel to make an indentation in the weld. This allowed me to get the small bit, then the large bit to grab and get the sucker free. Victory is nigh:

    Once the guard is off you have to lob off one more flat rivet and the plate comes free. The raw receiver is left under the plate. Now we can move froward with turning it into a real ak:
    no pic of the step, but in order to make it fit together right you have to lob off the rearmost screw hole area of the trigger guard. took 20 seconds w/ the dremel. The guard will also need to be bent a bit to fit into place.

    we did not bother drilling a hole for the front of the trigger guard(inside the mag release). We simply saw no need. It fits tightly as is.

    and the proud owner of a newly converted saiga.

    and a few final glamor shots:

    We started the project around 5:30-6:00, went to dinner and did some other things for an hour or so from 6:30-7:30, then worked on it on and off from 7:30 to midnight. The real reason why it took so long was that damned spot weld. I just could not get it to cut out. All in all, an easy project if you count out the frustration of that spot weld.

  2. I got so damn frustrated dealing with that spot weld that I finally took a break and played some team fortress 2. After that I attacked it with that grinding tool and it was all butta!
  3. Looks as if it was a fun time, in spite of the frustration. Good job lbreevsii.

    Question is: Have you shot it yet in it's new fangled AK glory?
  4. Hey that looks just like mine.Only I went a little farther and threaded my barrel. The spot weld was created by the devil himself :twisted: lol
  5. Nice job. I cant bring myself to do that to my Saiga 12 shotty. If I messed up I would kill myself.

    I am going to send mine off to get it done. Yes I am a chicken LOL
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    Got any pics of the trigger assembly, and the bullet guide (if installed)?
  7. It really isn't hard, and the only thing you can really even mess up is marring your trigger guard when you take out the rear rivet. Hell you don't even have to redress where the spot weld was or where you cut the tab from the trigger guard. If it wasn't for the spot weld that would have been a a .5-1 hour job tops. We have not shot it yet(previous engagements yesterday). Perhaps we will have a chance to go plink for a few minutes today.

    He does intend to get it threaded eventually, thats one thing he(nor I) want to risk tackling!(now i'm chicken)

    He does not have his bullet guide yet, so we haven't modified the mag release to take AK mags. Heres a pic of the new new trigger assembly installed.

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    Thanks man!
    Great pics and good thread!
  9. Very nice workup!

    When I stop being lazy, I'm going to do that to my Saiga 12.

    A tip for drilling rivets, I use my bench grinder with a 7 inch fairly thick cut off disc. I take the receiver out to it and gently grind the head down a little bit, just enough to make the head of the rivet concave from the shape of the cutoff wheel on the grinder.

    Then I centerpunch it with my punch. next I then drill out a hole with a 1/8th cobalt bit and then work up to the next bigger sizes.

    Works very well even for the huge long rivets on some kits like the rear trunnions (thank goodness, don't have to do those on the Saigas!)
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    Nice job! barrel threading is not too hard, just be sure to use a TAT.

    I've converted my S-12 and my 7.62x39. In fact, I'm going way overboard on the x39. I'm converting it to 6.5 Grendel!
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    Very nice job. That's pretty much exactly what I want to do to my .223 in a month or so.
  12. hobotech- thanks for the tip. In the case of the trigger plate rivets I simply use a grinding wheel and cut the heads flush, center punched, and did a fairly small drill hole in the middle. With a few whacks of my ghetto hammer they popped right out. Really quite easy.
  13. HAHA...HOBOtech!
  15. :lol: :lol: :mrgreen:

    Couldn't resist after our escipates with our ghetto improv hammer!