Saiga Owners--AWESOME NEWS!!! MUST READ!!!!!

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    WOW.., holy crap! I just got an email from Clyde Woods or RAAC. Get this..., there are now 30 round mags available for the Saiga's that are 922r compliant and require NO modification to your weapon to use. These new mags come in 3,5,10,15,20, and 30rd. Plus these new mags feature a last round bolt hold open feature built into the magazine! It gets even better..., Saiga is endorsing these mags!!!! So now we can use a 30rd mag without voiding our warranty, and still be 922r compliant! That's awesome! I ordered the Saiga Skeleton Stock for mine as well. That with a nice scope and a 30 round mag will make this puppy look freakin sweet!
  2. That's pretty nice :) I think you'll still be one American part shy of 922 compliance though, so an American made stock should do the trick. Nice that you don't have to mod the rifle to get the hi-cap mags to work though :)

  3. squeak_D

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    I was told that the Saiga Skeleton Stock with adjustable cheek, and a Surefire mag together would be compliant with 922r :) The Skeleton stock is a Siaga product.
  4. Hmmm, that doesn't seem to make sense to me though. Not saying you’re lying or that you’re wrong, just my understanding is that the magazine only counts for 3 parts towards compliance, and there are 14 parts to a Saiga. You can only have a max of 10 foreign parts in a rifle if you want to use magazines of larger than 10 rnds.


    Unless Saiga is making the stocks in the US, in which case that's a different story all together :)
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    hmmmmm, now I'm scratching my head on this one. I'm going to call RAAC to find out for sure. Don't want my new baby to be in violation of 922r :)
  6. yeah, never hurts to be careful :)
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    Thankfully there's now a 30rd mag available for the Saiga's that's already 922r compliant, and don't require any modification to use. Still hyped about that one. Would love to be able to use the skeleton stock in conjuction with a Surefire 30rd mag, but I also don't want to violate 922r either.
  8. Well, it's not that mag that needs to be compliant, but rather the mag goes to the overall compliant parts count, and as far as I understand the mag only replaces 3 foreign parts with 3 compliant parts, so that leaves one part to be replaced. Like I said, unless the stock is already made in the US :)
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    Goes to show I was given wrong info by a dealer. The Saiga Skeleton Stock is Russian made. So now from what I'm being told is that I can use these new Surefire mags without modifying my .223, but to still be compliant with 922r I have to replace the current stock with an american made stock. Is that correct? I was under the impression that you could use the Surefire mag without making other alterations and still be within 922r regulations.
  10. Yup you would be 1 part short of being compliant. As said above the mag only counts towards 3 compliance parts. I believe when they say you can use the mags with no modifications to the gun they mean you don't have to install a bullet guide or anything like that. They don't mean that with that mag you will be 922r compliant. You could use those mags and install a tapco galil handguard and be good to go .
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    That doesn't sound right either. By using a 30 round magazine, you have now converted your gun from a sporting rifle into an assault weapon. So now you need to ensure you gun comes into 922r compliance. I believe Saigas can currently be imported with the skeletonized stocks, you can add them to your Saiga with no 922r implications. So sekeletonized stock or not, you have to comply with 922r if you use any 30 rd mag. If you use US made 30 rounders, you are 3 parts closer to 922r compliance. I believe this to be correct based on my recent readings on 922r.
  12. Basically, that's what it comes down too, as far as I can tell. You don't have to replace the stock, but at least one of the other 922r parts has to be replaced.

    Check out this forum here. There's lots of great info on this.
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    One could always buy 2 more Izmash/Saiga factory 10 rounds mags to suppelement the 1, 10 rouder that was supplied purchase and now....... you have 30 rounds @ your disposal. So much less costly than a 922 violation, a BATF fine/confiscation and possible imprisonment. Now, isn't gun ownership fun :roll:
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    That is what i did, CDNN had them for 19.99 each awhile back.
    Now I need to cut down the mag body on 1 of them to make a 5 rounder
    for legal hunting in Arizona.
    happy turkey day all.
  15. Okay, I'm watching this one as I think a Saiga is in my near future.

    Does anyone have a link to or more information on these? 223 was mentioned above, are other calibers available?

    Thanks for the info, I'll be checking back.
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    Do a google on siaga 12 forum tons of info

    They come in .410 20g 12g shotguns and .223 7.62x39 .308 and 30-06 in rifles.

    I choose the 7.62 x 39 as my first due to ammo cost at the time.
    .308 will be my next when I save some more cash.... between the cost of gas and keeping my son fed :shock: the .308 may take awhile LOL
  17. Okay, so where can I get these mags?
  18. Never heard of a 30-06! If this is true, and available, I have changed my mind on 7.62 version. What I want is a 7.62x54r, a Romak Killer, I would flip out and everything I could to get my hands on one, and think of the aftermarket explosion of "sniper and "dragun" parts....oohhh buddy...
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    here ya go taurus... they called it the Saiga -100
  20. I want I want I want... wonder what the availability of these are. search...

    Well available, but seems to cost a bit more. 400ish, give or take. Still not bad, but more then I wanna spend. Still want that 54R version if it's ever made. But for now, 7.62x39 it will be.