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  1. Someone had asked to see what 10 rds of 12 gauge 3 inchmagnum #00 buckshot would do

    Here is a video, I am not happy with it, but am out of buckshot so I cannot reshoot it for a while.

    I cursed myself by stating that I had not had any problems with my 10 rd mags in the saiga-12 forum, and then a guy that I had not seen in a while showed up about 30 seconds before I made the clip, so as you can see I was doomed from the start LOL

    There was one shot in the target already when I made sure the shotgun was shooting on target. Notice the size of the holes compared to the washing machine.

    If nothing else, it should be good for a laugh

  2. Ari

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    What happened? Was it not cycling? I kept waiting for a rapid fire.....

  3. No worries on the problems Waltham.... That washing maching has agitated someone for the last time for sure! :wink:
  4. For some reason the first two rounds didnt feed correctly, and the third one I pulled the chamber open to make sure that it was a fresh round. Then I was shooting and then looking at the shotgun to make sure it was fully forward.

    That mag had been loaded for a while so I am not sure if the shells got deformed or if that mag needs work. They are aftermarket mags and some people have had trouble with them, but I have had good luck.

    I guess I need to number them so I can keep track of which one does what.

    I will get another box of ammo and redo it and hopefully do better. The shotgun is hitting dead on, I really like that I can adjust the front AK sight to make for a perfect hit.

    But check out them holes in that piece of metal. Believe it or not at that distance 2 3/4 number 4 shot would not penetrate the metal! You could definitly see where it hit, but no penetration.

    Primal, that washing machine is my off season target range. All I shoot is the shotgun (no slugs) to keep me busy while I wait for the public range to open back up.
  5. Hey, if it works, shoot it. Once the range opens back up you'll be good to go. No worries dude.
  6. The sound sure aggravates the rest of the family that lives around me when I set out and shoot a box or two though LOL
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    You're scary looking, lol.
  8. Thank you! :lol:
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  10. Ari

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    I want to see that thing in rapid fire.. shoot anther video for us :smile:
  11. I see nothing scary except a backwoodsy sort of guy with a box-magazine fed self-loading shotgun racking off rounds.....

    Wait. My bad. He's scary looking.
  12. I got some more videos, just have to get them uploaded.

    I have come to two conclusions, 3 inch Mag rounds are a real bitch to rapid fire and actually hit anything, 2 3/4 inch is much more manageable


    I had to shave to go to the car dealership (to look presentable), and without my beard I go from scary looking to just old and ugly ROFLOL

    I will post the videos in a few, had a couple of good rapid fires, still need to work on markmanship, but it would still fill anything in the general area with holes
  13. The Good the Bad and the Ugly :)

    I need to give thanks to my "cameraman" Harley. He is a good sport and puts up with me doing this as long as he gets to shoot too. I could have done worse for a stepkid ;)





  14. Ari

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    OH YA! I like that......
  15. Nice! Wish we had made videos when Huggy, Muerte, and I went shooting. I had sooo much fun with that Saiga 12 pumping rounds through it. We showed that dead tree, yeaaap tought it a lesson or two.
  16. CRAP, now I want a saiga 12!!!!
  17. Primal, what you see is NOWHERE NEAR the thrill of shooting one. This is YOUR kinda shotgun that would make you give out one of those loud goofy "HA!"s and followed by a sting of obscenities about how $&%^# &$^%* %^#*$ cool that thing is.
  18. Taurus is right. I have to be nice for the videos, usually I am like Get Some Get Some ++++ Yeah!!!!!! LOL

    I cant wait for the 20 rd drum, its gonna be a blast!

    I think I am going to start shooting more 2 3/4 though, its not that the 3 inch hurts, its just much harder to control than the smaller shell. :)

    I cant wait until the range opens back up and I can play with the slugs
  19. I was able to bump fire the saiga 12 for 3 or so rounds, talk about %*&$ing cool.