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  1. Could we agree to post a pic and a minimum price or desired price on an item when we are selling/trading something?

    It is kind if ridiculous that almost every thread in here has.......



    I understand that some people want a B/O, but it would make it a lot easier to put a "$$$ or B/O" instead of multiple people playing a game in every thread of pic and price.
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  3. I agree with your suggestions. Also post where you are located.
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    INDEED, Some folks don't even have it on their profile!
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    For subject line: WTT want to trade, FS For Sale, FS/T for sale or trade,WTB want to buy,"What you have For Sale"

    should include (Caliber if it is a firearm),
    model of item,
    age of item or approximate age,
    any custom work done to it,
    size for non-firearm items,
    BRAND name,
    material item is made of (non firearm of course),
    any accessories with it? If so what are they?


    Price:Minimum you will take or price and obo

    Trades welcome? If so what are you looking for?
    Location of item:

    This would make things easier. I know it would be allot of stuff to put in the ad but it would save the poster from having a ton of emails or PMs with all kinds of questions. This would answer almost anything you want to know about an item. This would save clutter on the board. We could even make a template for this so the poster just had to input the info and be done.
  6. All good suggestions. But I don't get too excited over trivial stuff. At some point we need to communicate and negotiate anyhow. Even if the ad says $45 the seller is going to get bombarded with "offers". It's the name of the game. For me I use a simple rule. If something I'm looking for is posted on an informal auction site such as eBay and they don't have a picture, I move on. For a site like this I go by user name. If I don't recognize them as a regular member and they don't have certain info, I move on. If it is a regular, contributing member then I'm not at all opposed to asking questions. It is after all a discussion forum. Just my .02.