San Antonio area C9 owner?

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    I'm thinking that I'd like to get a C9 as a "truck gun", just to have around when I'm not able to carry on my person. (Or perhaps a larger piece if I really liked the feel of it.) I know of no place around here that rents Hi-Points. I'd treat someone to lunch and buy some ammo for letting me tag along to the range and shoot a couple mags in their Hi-Point . Drop me an email or send a PM if you are available for such an outing. Thanks!

  2. If you're in Houston, let me know.

  3. Amistad

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    Srben, I appreciate your reply. I don't often get to the Houston area but will contact you if I see that I'll be going over there.

    I guess no one in San Antone is interested in my proposal, so I will move on. All the best to those who hang out here.

    Happy shooting! :D

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    Hi Point C9 in San Antonio

    I'm pretty sure the indoor range at the Bass Pro Shop in San Antonio had Hi Points available for range rental. Took my CHL class there, and think I remember them having them, but I could be mistaken. Call them.
    Good luck... If you're ever in Austin, you're welcome to try out my C9.
  5. hit me up im in San Antonio, just sent you a pm hope to hear from you