Santa came a little late..........

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  1. But I am guessing that I must have been a good boy last year...


    A 460 S&W mag XVR and a sigma 40 cal.

    the trigger on the sigma is terrible, but the 460 is AWSOME.

    Now just to get enough brass to start reloading start reloading for the 460......
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    Yep, that's a big gun.

  3. Hey, at least Santa came, :( .
  4. Very nice. I'm seriously considering the 460 as well. I'm still unsure if I should pay the extra for the 460 or be happy with something like a Taurus Raging Bull in 454Casull.
  5. Better send the revolver back, it has holes in the barrel. :shock: :p :p
  6. Who'da thunk Santa was a S&W guy?

    I'da figgered him for Colt...

    Nice, very nice.
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    I've been thinking about the 460 S&W for my CCW. ;)
  8. I would like to have a 460 or 500 S&W just to screw with people by letting them shoot it. I've shot .454 casull and would gladly shoot it all day long if the bullets weren't so f'n expensive.
  9. Why did Santa drop off MY presents at YOUR HOUSE?!!!


    I always KNEW Santa was a prick....
  10. Well Primal, there goes next year too LOL
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    I hope Santa pays for your ammo. :shock:
    Very nice. Merry Christmas :lol:
  12. Range report and prices please. :wink: :wink:

    I've got a Santa like that!!!
  13. holy crap now thats a gun
  14. A good range report will have to wait for spring, as sitting on a cold bench, in cold windy weather does not make for prime accuracy. But, a little informal shooting done so fare has turned in some pretty good results out to 125 yards with 200 grain hornady ammo out of the 460. Kept all 5 shots in a paper plate shooting off hand. The sigma, like I said shoots fairly well, but the trigger pull is terrible and loooong.

    As for prices, with the leopold scope and rings, the 460 came in about 1500 (my wife was santa, it really suprized me when she said I was getting it, it is by far the most expensive firearm and scope I have ever bought). The sigma I got on a promtional deal for 99 dollars when we bought the 460.
  15. :) Either your wife got something "sparkly" for Christmas or you have superior skills. If the later, do you give lessons?
  16. I don't know about skills, but over the years I have passed on Christmas gifts for myself so she and my daugter could have a good christmas (when times were tough), and I think this year they just felt since we had the money to get me a extravagant gift that I wanted, but would probably never buy for my self.........

    And if it was skills, why would I give away my secrets? :wink:

    (really If I was qualified to give lessons that were that good, I wold help you guys out......)

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    AHH Cmon don't be a baby it will warm up when ya start shooting that puppy. Just go out and go BANG BANG :wink: