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    Good evening, I purchased a hipoint .40 caliber pistol last year, and I've been pleased with its operation. My first time on the range I had some stove piping and failure to feeds from the magazine, but after doing some research, and making some adjustments to my magazine, I've only had one failure to feed recently.

    Overall, I love my gun, open carry daily, and will impart my experiences with all of you when I have something of substance to offer.
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    Welcome to:

    We have two types of members here:


    Be on the lookout for newbies. Sometimes there is "conflict" with the some of the standard members here at Castle HPFF:

    Anyhow, enjoy your time hear and keep a hold of those Ruby Slippers! :rofl:

    Peace favor your sword,


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    Now you need a 4095!

    Welcome to the party.

    What is it with the surge in 40 on this board? I thought 40 was dead? :stir:
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    I want a .45 but i am in california...
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