Savage 93R17 GV range report

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    This will be short as the range was packed and all I shoot was 50 yds.

    Re-zeroed the AR, it only took 4 rds to get the red dot back on target ;) so I blew off a the rest of the mag to have fun.

    The Savage with the el cheapo Tasco 6-24x42 was off by 1 ft high and 14 inches right. It took about 20 -25 rds to get it 1 inch high at 50, I will need at least one more range trip to get it on at 100.

    The rifle is great, the trigger breaks crisp and is very consistent. Bolt was much smoother than I expected, must be the lube I used, but if the rifle is held at a 90 degree angle you can get some feeding issues. When it is held normally it feeds great. The wood stock just felt great to shoot, so I am very happy with it.

    Accuracy looks like it is going to be outstanding. I was having trouble spotting some of my shots and when I retrieved the target the bullets were hitting the same hole. The little 17 is kinda hard to see but the RSO looked also and thought they were multiple shots also. Overall the groups were about 3/8 inches for 5 rounds, this was over the course of 5 mags.

    I will need to take it out again and shoot it at 100 before I pass judgement on the rifle and scope, but it looks like it is a keeper.