Savage Model 64f .22 clip fed rifle

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    I just picked up this 22 savage tonight. It's nothing special only cost me $95 but is in good working order. It's a black composite stock so I can bang it around and not worry about messing up a nice wood stock. It should be some fun putting a scope on it to see how far away I can hit stuff with it. Picture is from Savage Arms site but is the one I bought. I'd take a photo but circumstances prevent that at the moment. Came with a 10 round clip, and I looked around for a longer one but couldn't locate one. Anyone know where they sell longer clips like 20 or 30 round clips for this .22 Savage rifle? I would really like to get a few 30 round or more clips.


  2. Have the same gun but haven't had any luck finding extra capacity mags. Let me know if you do.
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    I bought the same one for the wife. It is really accurate and reliable. I bought extra 10 round mags for it at Walmart. Haven't come across any hi-caps for it maybe because of the keyhole design of the magazine. My bullet supplier is offloading extra mags for this too? He wants $8.00 piece.
    Following is pics of the mags for sale.
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    8 bucks is reasonable price. Will probably pick up a few mags for it when I get into Mesa next May. Got 2 C9's and a Savage 64f I have yet to even hold yet. Almost bought a 9mm Carbine with a scope and 6 mags for $250 but the ad was 5 days old when I got it and the guy said the first call bought it. really let me down on that ad. They supposed to get those ads to me quicker than 5 days old. I wrote them a nasty email complaint.
  5. Its a good rifle, I gave mine to my step son as his first rifle.

    Never have seen hi cap mags for one but they do have the 10 rd mags for sale at my local wally world