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    California Launches Per Mile Driving Tax Pilot Program

    (KGO) – Hybrid vehicles and electric cars have been improving the environment, but the result is that people are not consuming as much gasoline. The taxes used to improve our roads are dwindling.

    Assemblyman David Chiu is on the California Road Charge Technical Advisory Committee. He said there has to be a better way.

    “How we replace this revenue to make sure that we are adequately paying for the necessary upkeep of our roads,” Chiu said.

    A couple of years ago, the California State Legislature passed a bill to study a road charge.

    “Where all drivers pay for their fair share of road maintenance based on how they drive.”

    This July, they are holding a pilot program with 5 thousand volunteers to see how it should work. Ways of tracking mileage will be considered.

    “Smartphone applications or other automated reporting technologies, or we could go no tech and just [use] paper permits.”

    Volunteers are needed and if anyone is interested, go to the program’s website here or from our homepage.
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    Lol..... Looked up his political party, just to make sure he was a lib.... Which of course he was.... More entertaining was my typing in assemblyman chiu, and Google asking me " did you mean assemblyperson chiu?".....: good night, this country's getting pathetic.

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    Pay to play or pay by mile is not a 'new' idea as it's been in use in Europe for years
    Another "Europa" thing is timing your trip through license plate reading cameras.
    Ticket automatically comes in the mail.
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    Unfortunately, I saw this coming. Not that I'm any particular prognosticator on this issue, just that I've seen the California commies saying this for years. "They're not buying as much gas but driving the same distance! Where are we going to replace the taxes?"

    Peace favor your sword,
  5. Uhh....maybe I'm confused.
    They have speed traps that do that, where three cameras are set up over the course of maybe a mile or so, and they measure your average speed; if it's over the limit, yup, ticket.
    But I've never experienced it over here, and my wife doesn't know what you are talking about. Most of what you mention are paid via road tax, which we do have, but it's actually dependent on your engine; the more it outputs, the more you owe. Hybrids or similar you pay almost nothing, but older cars, like what we've got, you pay a ton for; our yearly road taxes for our '02 Honda and '05 Ford are, combined, around $600-$700.
    Mostly they just hike gas prices. In England, it's now around $5-$6 a gallon average.
    But never in all my trips have I ever had to do a pay-per-mile thing; the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy (my mother-in-law lives in Italy, she also has never heard of this), France, Bulgaria, Greece, never done that.
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    SOMEBODY just got shot down....
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    NE Utah
    Lots of places use toll roads, and of course, we already pay 25% or more in tax on our fuels. Then there's the sales tax when we buy the car in some states, as well as the ridiculous registration "fees' which are just taxes, some of which is used for roads...:rolleyes:

    In the end, I seriously doubt that my vehicles do ANY damage to a road, no matter how many miles I drive.

    However, I do want the trucks to keep rolling to bring me food and stuff...oh, but wait...they ALREADY jacked up the taxes on diesel, and oil companies ALREADY stuck it to the truckers by jacking up the prices despite lower production costs, so they are carrying as heavy as possible to save money...:cool:

    How about this...we take a good chunk out of the politician's paychecks and operating budgets, tax the holy heck out of their political based re-election accounts, and then make sure we are using competitive bidding to get the job done?
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    NE Utah
    Actually, in Germany it's often ONE camera with a radar gun, they pop one picture, and send you a copy of it with your ticket, so there's no timing required.

    In high use areas, everyone KNOWS where the cameras are, there's an app for that, so they went to the "timed through several cameras" idea. It actually works to slow down the entire stream of traffic.

    But the thing is the tickets are low cost, like $10-$20 in many cases. It's just a warning, and the REAL whammy is if you get enough points to get your license restricted and have to pay for driving school...its NOT cheap.

    But, it's been a few years since I was last in Germany.

    Me either.:confused:

    Everything I know about is a fuel tax, the engine size or horsepower tax, and the diesel motor tax, which is a real hit; but since they have diesels that do 60-70 mpg and last for 250+K miles, it's a good investment.
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    You seem to be on his case a lot lately... ;)
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    You seem to have missed the Zoomie on Zoomie violence reference...
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    Okay, your first example does nothing but explain toll roads, which we have in the US, and has already been stated.

    Your second example is a pilot program, much like the one in Cali.

    So, you're still not proving that this is a widespread system in place anywhere. One state with a volunteer program, and a second state starting up a pilot program. Nothing mandatory.
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    NE Utah
    Looks like the Euro one is mostly toll roads, not a per mile tax...but the Oregon one is absolutely a per mile tax.

    Funny thing is...they remove one of the advantages that set the electric and hi mileage vehicles apart, if you pay the same taxes per mile as the guy in the gas guzzler...why bother spending an extra $5-$10K on the car, when you can buy the cheaper gas guzzler and spend the difference on gas, and still break even?:rofl:

    Note, I'm not totally anti electric car, they have some advantages, and COULD be really nice in a lot of ways. Jay Leno raced a Tesla 4 door with his 429 AC Cobra...and lost.:eek:

    But the issue is, the large sized ones are expensive, the cheaper ones are small and still not cheap, they take 10 hours to "fuel up"; the hybrids BARELY do better than the gas cars, and I live where if I HAD an electric, I could get by most days, but on the weekends, I need a hybrid, as I need range.

    Eventually, maybe. But right way.

    Also...does anyone see this as an unfair tax on rural folks?

    I drive 30 miles to a movie, 60 to grocery shop or hit I get screwed if they make it a strictly per-mile tax.:cool:
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    I club Hippies, I wear this shirt with PRIDE

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    NE Utah
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    I'll bet if you follow the money trail to exactly where that road tax is going you might be surprised. I'll bet some of it is going toward pet projects or their favorite road construction buddy boy contracts. As for here in Colorado, our Club 20 politicians have already discussed another gas tax. The say since the gas prices are down, and we need money for roads and bridges. Question is, will it go away when the gas prices go back up? NOT! Gotta luv these commie pinko [email protected] that love spending other peoples money. Another is introducing a socialized medicine program for the state. (The 208 Commission. Been working on it since 2006) This will only raise the taxes 10% on every taxpayer in the state. Rumor is this one will quietly go away. Maybe Barney Slanders will use some of it to pay for his so-called free college. Talk about Socialism! They disgust me :foilhat:

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    How about hell no. Like my tiny little car has anything to do with the giant potholes all over the roads. Even if it does happen in my state, all the $ will stay in the cities, it will not be used on the roads I drive on.
  18. I know of vignettes, the Bulgarians DO use those, but as Rachgier already touched on, those are mainly tolls. You can drive to quite a few places in Bulgaria without ever being charged; we used to drive from Pazardjik (my wife's home town) to Plovdiv (where she went to college) all the time using the only highway in Bulgaria; no payment required, and it's a good 45-minute/hour trip. Her parents own this crappy Volkswagen junker, and we went from Pazardjik to Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria), once again, no payment. Technically you're supposed to pay outside congestion areas, but it's not really enforced (her Dad can't remember the last time he had to pay anything on it). But it's definitely not a pay-per-mile thing.
    As for the rest of the places, France no longer has them at all, they replaced them all with tolls, and in Germany it's only valid for certain cities that are "environmentally friendly," but most of those places are small and only do it for extra revenue.
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    Minnesota has a $billion surplus and they STILL want to raise gas taxes!