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    On the last forum, before the great catastrophe! I made the above avatar for someone, without my name on it of course. I really like this one, and would love a firefighter to have it on our board.

    So, question is.... does anyone remember who I made it for? I lost track when I lost all my messages I saved. I want to return it to it's rightful owner if possible.

    SHOOTER Z Well-Known Member

    I believe it was 4095 tho I may be wrong

  3. urotu

    urotu Member

    That's what I thought too.
  4. BINGO! Thanks all. On this forum then, it's his!
  5. hey man, do you make avatars like this?

    If so, what's the deal?

  6. the deal? the deal you ask?????? Well, first, you send me 200 rnds of my favorite JHP......... ooopps, wrong forum.....

    Actually - this is my way of paying you all back from what I've learned in the last year since I've started shooting. Got an idea, let's talk. If you or I can find it, or have it, we can do something with it. Not all, but most of the 'movies' you see on this forum I had something to do with. Just my way of saying thanks in some tangible way.

    That's the deal! :D
  7. Ridge

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    Newskate9 is the bomb..he made my avatar for me after I asked him to late last year! :)
  8. I got my current avatar from him as well. I bet most of the really active members with GIF avatars have gotten them from Newskate.