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Saving an M44

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So I bought an M44...here's the story....
I was at a pawn shop I'd never been in before...I asked what that gun with the pale wood was, at the end of the display on the wall, and when the guy pulled it out,
I saw it was an M44 with no bayo, but the llug and screw are still there...
he said, "oh, you mean this old sniper rifle?"..... :laugh:
Then he says, I think its a Mauser.... :funny:
It's not bubba-ed too bad, they just took the bayo off, and pretty carefully "cleaned" the stock by sanding it lightly, all teh marks seem to be there, like the re-arsenal slashed rectangle...
Oh, and they bent the bolt handle about halfway to where it should be to be "bent" :evil: ...looks like they bent it by beating on it, no discoloration, but some slight dents or marks... but the numbers all match, and the bore looks decent.

I told him what it was, and why it wasn't a sniper, and what a 91/30 was, and then I offered him $75, but he said he needed $100, I told him they won't group without the bayo, I'd be needing to add that to even shoot it much, and he looked it up on ebay, and knocked another $10 off...

He had me spell Mosin Nagant when he made out the Fed paperwork...he thought it was all one word... :roll:

Looks like a round low wall receiver Izzy, early WW2 stock with the half sling slot things, counterbored muzzle, and I forget what year it said on the receiver, but in my head it was 1944....

Anyway....I need a bayo, anyone got one laying around? I need to look again and see what type the lug is...but I'll take anything I can get my hands on... :angel:
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Not bad, do you have any pictures?

Also, this thread brings up an interesting question...do projects on restoring sporterized weapons belong in this section, or in the C&R section?
Not bad, do you have any pictures?

Also, this thread brings up an interesting question...do projects on restoring sporterized weapons belong in this section, or in the C&R section?
That is a damn fine question, after pondering on it I feel that it belongs in the regular C&R section therefore I am moving it. After all, I posted a few days ago in there about a previously bubba'd Enfield that I am attempting to restore.
I have one. I hoped to re-attach it to the Bubba'd M44 that I had found, but someone hacked the bayo-lug off. I don't think it will be worth the time for me to fix.
make sure you get the right bayo. There are a couple of different styles.
It is an early style, type 1 with a single ear to hold the bayo. PM sent to chilidavis...
And I don't know why I thought the handle was bent, other than I looked at a LOT of guns that day. It's nice and straight!
Shot 10 rounds, and it has a nice smooth action, normal decent Mosin trigger, and I managed to get all 10 into a 6" target at 50 yards, standing unsupported. Two shots even overlapped!
Here it is next to my 91/30:

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So, ended up finding the parts i needed at Numrich. Here's the type 1 Bayo as it looks on my $90 "sniper" rifle...I just have to laugh every time I think of that....

And here she is in full erect...I mean, extended... :-[

Now, on to the stock finishing... :angel:
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Oh and I figure a few of you will appreciate this...front and rear sling slots for the M44 aren't like the 91/30, and there's that nice big slashed square... :D
I really think Bubba just did a serious cleaning, the wood isn't gone, just the finish.

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well, it certainly has been rearsenaled and is coming along nicely. Now just remember to use a good amber tinted shellac on it and you will be set. Also, the stock is more than likely original to the gun as it does have the correct, late war sling slot escutcheons. There is really no way of being able to tell if it was rearsenaled at Izhevsk, but, most were so it is a safe bet.
Even being sanded down, that stock looks to be in fantastic condition. Nice find, and a hell of a rescue for that wayward mosin! :p
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