saw an ATI'd 995 yesterday

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  1. condition1

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    tag just said hp 9mm in new ATI stock Can you guess the price?

    $359 that is not a typo $359
    I nearly crapped my pants...

    One of my gun dealers is officially on CRACK.
  2. DLC

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    :shock: I need to find out the person who will buy that for $359. Maybe they will buy the ocean front property I have in Arizona.

  3. To bad the housing market is terrible in Arizona... you'll never sell that land :roll:
  4. condition1

    condition1 Member

    LOL and I'll throw in a bridge and the Statue of Liberty
  5. Ridge

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    Housing is great in Arizona! Its cheap, and you have all of Colorado's water to hydrate it! :D
  6. blkhwkfxr

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    Well, ladies and gentalmen, I have heard from all my paranoid friends that all firearm prices are going to be increasing. Some say it is due to the possibility of a democrate being in the oval office soon ( Possible bans ), some say it is due to the ever growing number of gun owners in the U.S. ( supply and demand ), others are blaming the ever increasing cost of gas ( increased transportation costs on manufacturers ).
    In any case, I'm not a huge gun buyer, but I have noticed that this year the average cost to buy new and used firearms is up a bit. Last year the Beretta Storm Carbine was a little over $400.00 at my local shop,(yeah, I've been eye balling them) this year when they come in the owner says he's going to have to charge closer to $600.00 !!! Take it as you will but just something to keep in mind.

    This isn't concidered a hijack is it ? appologies if so.