Saw an interesting .410 yesterday

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    I'm sort of in the market for a double barrel 20 gauge that I can turn into a coach gun so I went to a local auction yesterday as there was one there I was interested in. I was outbid on the gun I wanted but while I was there I saw an interesting single barrel .410. I believe it was a New England Arms model, just over 27" long with a very short stock. I actually measured it to be sure it was over 26" so that's how I know the length. It had what appeared to be a bull barrel as it was much thicker and heavier that a typical .410 barrel. The stock was missing the butt plate but other than that, it was in good condition.

    Does anyone here know if that may have been an actual production model?? The stock certainly could have been modified by someone reasonably skilled in wood working but the heavy barrel makes me think it might have actually been a production model.

    Any .410 experts here that might know??

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    I have the 20ga version of it. So short it's like a bantam or youth type stock.
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