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Discussion in 'Welcome Aboard' started by satchel, Oct 28, 2007.

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    just saying hi. i got a c9 a couple weeks ago wanted a nine no real reason and my dad had a .40 carbine so i figure why not 129 bucks wasen't bad. anyways shot about 200 rounds through it. it really surprised me it was really accurate out to 25 yards i was rolling milk jugs preety much every shot. i out shot my dad he was using a ruger .40 (can't remember which one) my dad was kinda hacked that he got the ruger instead of the hipoint. the only problem i had was with the 100 pack of WWB some wouldn't fire on the first trigger pull but i pulled it again and it would fire and then some just recoiled funny my dad noticed it to. it shot the remington HP fine and the blazers so i'll stick with those. i think i'm going to take the c9 with me instead of the new .22 i got when i go elk hunting this weekend. sorry for the long post


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    Howdy satchel welcome . Check your firing pin to see if it isn't bent or it may be hard primers on the ammo. But have fun anyways. And if you have questions feel free to ask we all help out here and don't mind the occasional jokes we pick on everyone here as well :D
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    Welcome to the forum! :D
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    Welcome Satchel
  5. hey there, welcome to the fold!
  6. Welcome to the forum. If you have a quetion about a hi point, you will find the answer here.
  7. RUN! RUN WHILE YOU CAN!!!!! LOL welcome to the clan