SB-47 Arm Brace Review (I know youve been waiting!)

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  1. Ok guys, I know several of you have been asking about these, so here we go...

    This will be a working review, I will add additional info, pictures, range reports, opinions, etc. as they come, this will also be a review of the PAP M92 AK-47 pistol in 7.62x39mm as well as covering the SB-15 and the upcoming version for HK style pistols.
    I really wanted to make this a full hearted, nutnfancy-esque review but I simply haven't had the time but this needs to get started.

    The brace comes in a cardboard box with a letter from the ATF, which I rolled up and put in the tube of the brace, and an extra strap in case you want to use both. First impressions aren't terribly exciting but it does inspire confidence, the mounting plate is sturdy and thick, the brace itself is made of a flexible yet firm rubber, not ideal but it works fine. The brace is tight on the tube but it can rotate, especially under recoil, however this works to your advantage as it will soon rotate to fit you perfectly. Cheek weld is decent and even for my fat face the 2 loops for the straps go unnoticed. Because this unit is attached only by the tension of your grip, make sure you get that grip screw torqued down or use some blue Loctite, I didn't use any and I'm approaching the 500rnd mark with no problems. This slightly lowers your grip and I've seen people also add the "sling mount plates" that fit under the grip of AK pistols to give them a sling point, I would not recommend this, it will bring your hand way down, making trigger control a bit funky. I would highly recommend the Hogue Overmold AK grip, it will give you better control of the pistol, which by the way is now quite heavy, this brace is no light weight, and the Hogue has a larger area to torque against the mounting plate.

    Using the arm brace as intended is completely ridiculous, good luck getting a sight picture, but we all know why we want these, the so-called "Paperless SBR". The brace is comfortable to shoulder and gives all the support you could ask for, and it makes a world of difference, if you've ever shot an AK pistol I'm willing to bet that you actually managed to miss the broad side of a barn, IMO unless you add a system like this, an AK pistol is simply a crowd pleasing toy, zero practicality, but now you have a fully capable AK that is incredibly portable and adds way better support than an underfolder can ever hope for. With the iron sights on the PAP, Krinkov style, and extremely crude, I was able to put entire mags onto 10" targets at 100yrds, I was shocked, we all know that's not impressive for a rifle, even an AK rifle should preform beyond that, but I am a crap shot and its an AK pistol! I'd call it combat effective to 200yrds, and I'm sure you could engage targets out to 300yrds with no problem if you practiced it a few times.

    This will be the extent of today's review, there will be more to come, be sure to ask questions if you have them but I am telling you right now that if you've even considered one of these arm braces BUY IT NOW!

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  2. geekandwife

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    And if enough people start using these as shoulder stocks just wait for the policy to change about enforcement... Trying to find loopholes around laws is not what responsible gun owners do. Unless you support anti gunners doing the same to restrict your access to guns and ammo...

  3. The ATF has already stated that its completely legal to use this however you like, it doesn't change the intended purpose. Will they reverse their stance? Possibly, but it doesn't matter whether people are using it as such or not, if they want to do it then they will.

    Thanks for the input, Negative Nancy.
  4. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    i hate to admit it, but i agree with geek. using it in any way other than its intended use, is wrong, and im willing to bet it probably even says so in the BATF letter, which likely gives specific direction on intent of use. using it as a stock will still see you in violation, it is ONLY legal when used properly.
    it is NOT intended as a stock, but as a arm mounted brace.

    that being said, on an NPAP or Draco, using it as intended should still give you a real firm support, and although a more ''shoot from the hip'' style would need to be used, it should give you a good deal of control that way. (i would have to think at least).

    to me, personally, the price, i'd rather just buy the tax stamp and do what i wanted, but it is definitely a nice option otherwise.

    would love to see a video of it in use, (other than from the maker) to see it in its raw unedited form.
  5. undeRGRound

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    Cool Stuff!
    I really think using it "as intended" or strapped down to the forearm, and the
    MAKO "pointing device" that Talon has, with a laser, would be a darned
    effective CQB pistol! Me Like! :D
  6. Instead of me typing all this over and over again... Enjoy.
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  7. SWAGA

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    If I'm not mistaken the ATF letter specifically states that the ATF cannot foresee all unintended uses can therefore not rule on all possible options.
    It's there for legal even if you decide to wear it in your forehead.
    It shows you the ATF just uses lawyers that probably have never seen a gun upclose.
    This thing was always intended as a stock and not as an arm brace.
    So yes, it's a legal loop hole.
    It's not an ak but a similar letter is here:
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  8. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    now that its out, yes, i have seen (i admit i was unaware of the official final ATF ruling), however, when this first began, there was definite concern about its use as something other than a brace. there were concerns about its legality if used as a stock and the ramifications that could stem from it.

    Its definitely good that the ATF decided to be open minded about this product.
  9. geekandwife

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    They are open minded, so far. If tax stamp revenue starts decreasing and they start getting more and more reports of people using them as stocks, I will bet you they will go the same way as the banning of 7N6 ammo. It just takes a couple of penstrokes to reclassify it as a stock from a brace and then all of them become illegal to have on. Just as all 7N6 ammo has become armor piercing.

    Do not think the ATF is not going to eventually close the loophole, just decide what side you want to be on when it does.
  10. Come and take it...
  11. geekandwife

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    How soon people forget Waco... I don't know if you could call people burned to death "from their cold dead hands", but I do think the US government ended up with all their weapons...
  12. Bull

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    Go ahead and join the Swaga wagon then, and hand yours over now... Save the govt time and money later on, so they can take our other rights faster.
  13. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    i often wonder why you are really even here. your spew forth nonsense nine out of ten times, and all you do is talk anti gun bullfodder or other purely nonsensical crap. surely you must have something better to do with your time.
  14. geekandwife

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    The same could be said for you... as far as talking nonsense... You see me as anti gun, when in reality I just see guns differently than you. I do find some of the posts on here quite comical, enough that I paid for a subscription to the site to read and to post on them. They do entertain me. Now the real question should be asked is why are you so close minded that you cannot accept that anyone can or should have any viewpoint outside of your own? Should this forum just be for people that think like you do? Are your beliefs so weak and feeble that someone just existing in the same space posting who disagrees with you requires personal attacks on a near daily basis to justify them? This really has nothing to do with the topic of a brace, but you felt the need to personally attack me again, so I am going to respond.
  15. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    no im very open minded actually, the thing is your views are usually so outrageous its nearly impossible to take you seriously. youve turned an arm brace into a waco assault, you do things like this all the time. take an issue and completely transform it into something so far from reality, not to mention so far from the actual topic, that you are looked upon as a joke.
  16. geekandwife

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    No, I took an arm brace someone was saying to use it to avoid federal law and tax stamps. It is not an outrageous belief that they will attempt to keep people from abusing that loophole. When bringing that point up that if such behavior becomes standard that they will become illegal, that is when he made the comment "come and take it". It still is a logical progression of thought to draw a parallel of a previous action by the ATF when the went to take illegal firearms. Now I will admit, It does take the reading of multiple posts, and the understanding of debate structure and to be able to understand that you have to take the entire post together, not just a single post at a time. And honestly, the opinion of someone on an internet forum doesn't hold a lot of weight to my life. People like you that feel the need to bully and indeterminate others to feel better about themselves, I figure must have a pretty bad life to need to treat others that way. The least I could do is let them feel a little better about themselves and let them feel like a big person on the internet.
  17. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    except where you missed the entire point of the ATF letter showing that it is perfectly legal. now, i will again say, that when this product first was being developed there was alot of concerns about its intended use and potential other uses, being used as a stock, however, the ATF decided after its production that using it shouldered is acceptable. therefore, the letter they produced saying so shows clearly. so if they release an official statement saying it is perfectly legal and acceptable to use shouldered, how the hell do you get they will go all Waco and come after people for using it shouldered??? it in plain English says that it is ok to do so. not, that you are using a loophole, not that you are going around a law, that it is PERFECTLY LEGAL AND ACCEPTABLE. in common terms, that means PERFECTLY LEGAL AND ACCEPTABLE. so once again, your waaaaaaaay off course, and once again, making no sense.

    my opinion doesnt have to matter to you, obviously it doesnt because you are still completely wrong in yours. there is no loop hole, there is no wrong being done, and there certainly isnt some Waco outbreak about to come down on the brace users. they say ignorance is bliss, you must be one happy person.
  18. geekandwife

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    They did not say it was perfectly legal and acceptable to buy it to primarily use it as a stock. What they said is "Generally speaking, they do no classify weapons based on how an individual uses a weapon." My warning was because if it becomes common place to avoid going a SBR and doing a pistol with a brace to avoid the stamp, it takes a simple reclassification, just like they did with the ammo to make it all illegal. I am not one to just look at the issue just right now, but I am also concerned about the ramifications down the road. As with anything, if enough people start doing it to avoid paying the tax, the government will still want its money and will reclassify it.
  19. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    Until that happens, the rest of the world will just go on about its business of knowing that the ATF says you can shoulder the brace if you want and it is not in violation of any laws.

    ''one day'' the current office would like to see all guns out of the hands of citizens, so using your logic (and i use that term VERY loosely), we should all just start turning them in now then, right? after all, one day they just might want them so why wait?

    one day may or may not get here, THIS DAY its perfectly legal. so ''what if'' your heart out, its irrelevant.
  20. I'd rather be burnt to a crisp Waco style, than to abandon my natural and constitutional rights... Someone has to be the martyr, the final straw, that kicks off the new revolution....
    Don't want it to have to come to that, but we all know that it will at some point.