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    The governor has recently lowered the age to posses a handgun to 18. I was wondering even though state law says I'm of age to posses how can i purchase from a FFL if federal law says 21.I'm currently in the Navy Dep program and shipping out in july, the law was changed in part to grant second amendment rights to under 21's in the military.
  2. You could have someone like a family member buy a pistol and then face to face sell it to you , if that is legal.

    Congrats to joining the navy, what are you going to be doing?

  3. Family member is the easy way. I gave my son a Ruger Single Six when he was 18. Federal Law specifically allows gifts between parents & children.
  4. You can LEGALLY purchase a handgun via private sale or receive one as a gift from parent/guardian. Due to Federal Law you can not purchase a handgun from a FFL and your parent/guardian can not purchase one for you. They can however purchase a firearm for themselves, then pass it on to you as a gift.

    Since you are under 21 I highly suggest you get to know SC firearm laws, especially the handgun laws when it comes to transporting/carrying in a vehicle.

    For those of you who are not familiar with the new SC law... the governor passed the new law because he thought it was unfair for 18-20 yr olds to fight wars overseas but not be allowed to defend themselves at home with a handgun.
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    Im going to be an EN, Engine man. I have done research and the law states if I carry locked in my vehicle console Its perfectly legal since You have to be 21 to get a CWP. I've heard of the private seller route and i think the best option is to go to the upcoming Gun and Knife show, only problem is I've heard they overprice Hi-points which i would like to purchase as my first handgun.
  6. 803,

    In SC we can legally carry a loaded handgun in a latched console or glove box without having a CWP. The console lid or glove box does not have to be locked but it does have to be latched. Also... DO NOT keep your vehicle registration/insurance info in the same place as your gun... common sense but common sense is not always common among the masses.

    Also... Congrats on joining the Navy! I was in the Navy from 83-95, job was Aviation Ordnance and when I got out I was an AO1 (E-6). My oldest son is currently in the Navy and he is an Aviation Structural Mechanic but is currently assigned to Base Security aka Base Police. If you have any questions about the Navy send me a PM I will be glad to answer them, get them answered for you or provide you with a internet link so you can get the info you are looking for.
  7. I totally agree with that, if you are old enough to go to war you should be entitled to all of societys benifits given to "adults".
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    If you're going to the gun show in Columbia on the 14th-15th of June, shoot me a PM. I'll check and see if the place that I bought my .45 from at the Florence show last month will be there and let you know.

    They treated me VERY well on the price and only took about two minutes for the background check.

    Congrats on joining the Navy and thank you for serving your country.