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    Do you know where I can get a scabbard for my (soon to be mine) 995? I'd like to attach it to my Ural to carry my 995 while riding in the outback. I'd prefer a textile material over leather.
    Thanks, Bill

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    maybe something like this?


  3. were did you find that finex i see some possibilitys
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    Yep, something just like that, but damn, 100 bucks?
    I ride a Ural and will shoot a Hi-Point, both of these tell something about me!
  5. you like quality? :D
  6. wow well the possibilitys for that just went the window! i am not paying $100 for somthing i was going to mount to my snowmobile
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    It does say that I like quality but I'm also a cheap bastard! I like buying good stuff for a low price! So, I'd like to find one of good quality but for that low price!!
  8. My wife sews. I'd take her to a store/museum/ wherever we could look at one. After she got a good look at it, I'd take her to the fabric store and be nice while she shopped for me. She could use an appropriate sized rifle to make her own pattern. If it can be sewn together, she can do it.

    Ask around, I'll bet you know someone who sews, or has a wife that does.
  9. Here is a plain leather one for $70

    You can make one make fairly simply, I have seen insulated hunting/skiing suits at goodwill that a leg could be cut off of and shaped to fit a Hi-Point carbine easily. I would recommend a covering flap with a snap release to keep flying snow out of it. Fishing line makes very durable tread for camp use.
    I hand stitched one from a pair of wrangler jeans and a piece of an old quilt for padding, when I was kid and it worked very well for my first winchester.
    Good luck
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    Perfect! Those are great ideas...
  11. Bill,

    Check with the Dnepr dealer in Cleveland who sells bikes on eBay. He's got leather scabbards.
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    billc, are you one of the two bikes with sidecars that I saw on a road just off of Jackson School Road in Hillsboro a couple of months ago?
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    Nope, sorry that was not us. There are 3 of us in the area that ride our Urals together but we have not been that far north!
  14. damn guys, I'll have my mother sew me one up before i'd pay 70-100 for a bit of nylon or leather.