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    we just received a phone message asking us to contact the "dept. of legal affairs" to avoid a "legal mess". a quick google search says this is a scam during tax season...
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    Have you seen the latest HR block add, Money Money Money, Monnnnnney, Money! What does this have to do with HPs?
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    Might explain why it's posted in "Hipoint Firearms Forums > Other Topics of Interest > Lounge". I always wondered what that forum was for. Now I know.
  4. Simple, if you fall for some scam, you won't have money to buy more HPs!
  5. Welcome to owning a telephone. We shall now introduce you to fax, and just wait until you get a cellular phone, it'll blow your mind. :p
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    I want to see the look on his face when he finds out about flush toilets! :D
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    Ignore these other "helpers" :p

    I got the same message, it's BS!

    The IRS never uses phone messages, or even calls you. They send
    Registered Letters :D

    I have had dealings with them before, they don't play around with
    phone-tag! It was even a 202 area code, wasn't it? ;)
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    I had a series of phone calls similar to this. They all came from the same phone number out of Texas every time. I handled it my way. They kept calling over and over leaving voicemail about how they were from some law firm and had important information about a case in my county and if I didn't contact them they were going to garnish my wages, have my federal tax return held, and put lien holds on all of my property. They were calling my cell phone 2-3 times a day for two weeks. So I transferred the voicemails to my computer, took screen captures of my call logs, and transferred them to a flash drive as evidence. Next time they called I answered and went on an epithet filled tirade. Everything she came up with I shot down. You can't take my taxes if I can't file a return because I'm on disability which is non-taxable income, you can't garnish my wages without a court order since I'm on disability, and you can't put liens on "everything I own" because the only thing I own that has a title is my truck and I plan on driving it to the junkyard when I'm done with it. Then I informed her that the entire phone call had been recorded, including her threat to transfer the debt to my children. I had every single voicemail she had ever left me saved to a flash drive and copies of my call log saved as well a print out of my monthly activity statement to provide evidence of harassment. Then I dared her to take me to court and see what happened. I told her that I hoped she did take me to court so I could make public the level of harassment her law firm would sink to in an effort to extort money from people and that by the time I was done with her and her law firm they would even be able to argue a parking ticket in a court of law.

    Haven't heard from them since...
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  10. My Vonage phone takes the brunt of those calls. And usually when I see a number I don't recognize, I pick up with a British accent. I let them talk for a while before informing them they have dialed the UK (they dialed a Minnesota-based number in reality). These scam geniuses still have a budget, and they then assume they have just dialed long-distance and immediately hang up and usually don't call again.
    Otherwise what I do is answer with my rank and name and ask where to direct their call. Once they hear that they generally just leave it alone; scammers don't f*ck with military lines.
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    I got one last week from "Officer Marcus" (Indian accent) informing me that I was being investigated for Federal tax fraud and needed to call them to discuss my situation. I called the number and told them that my assets were frozen because I was under a Federal indictment for running a fraudulent scheme across state lines and they would have to contact the office of the US Attorney for my state. The guy on the phone (another Indian accent) seemed a bit confused.
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    I was getting phone calls from a guy also with Indian accent. The number listed was out of Montana. He kept calling say my computer had a virus I asked him which computer I have several. He said it was the one with windows 7. That helps a lot mine is mint :-D . I keep talking with him and asking a lot of questions about it. After awhile I tell him I use mint and that I have found his IP and that he now has a virus thats gathering all his data and will wipe his clean in 24 hours for F$$king with me. I tell him he now has to pay me $1000 to stop the attack. I tell him he picked the wrong number. He hung up and didn't call back. I wonder if he started to search his computer :-D
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    Loved it, thats good..
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    I've had a few of those. I didn't come up with anything so creative for them though. :D There were two calls from somebody trying to say they were from Microsoft without saying that and finally saying they were from Windows. I just said I didn't believe them and to get lost.
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    I just wish I really won all those lottery scam e-mails that show up in my junk folder. My folder auto-purges every 7 days but if I add up what's in there now I would be north of $275 mil?
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    I'll split my 20,000,000$ check with you, ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1421613860.166482.jpg from my long lost Nigerian uncle, who just happens to be a prince!
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    I have personally won the National UK lottery twice this week to the tune of $20 USD.
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    Dude!!!!! Road trip!
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    Make a pit stop to pick up Rob and meet me at JFK. We'll go on our own European Vacation....

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    That would be epic!....... See how many EU countries we can get banned from....