School official fired for discussing Sandy Hook with students

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bscar, Jun 18, 2015.

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    WTF! I am so fed up with PC crap!

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    The school administrations who fire teachers and suspend or expell students for the mere mentioning of certain concepts are a sign of what is to come, on a broader scale, if more rational minds don't continue to speak out against such abuses as this. The school administration acted without any justification and just threw out a statement about poor judgement, but I'll bet that the regulations won't support this firing.

    So the question is this: Why is the statement from one parent who complained worth more than the statements from all of the parents who support the teacher? I doubt that the school would have fired her if any of the administrators had been present for the discussion with the kids.
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    This kind of nonsense started a long time ago.

    Back in the last Century, a friend of mine who had served in 'Nam went to college and earned a degree in History. He then got his teaching certificate. And, starting teaching in a NE City High School.

    One afternoon, while walking towards the teacher's parking lot, he interrupted the rape of a female student by three other students. In the course of halting their 'extra-curricular' activities, one of the assailants presented my friend with a knife and my friend broke his arm.

    Instead of being gratified that my friend had prevented a felony, the School Board dismissed him (and blacklisted him on the East Coast).

    He moved to Utah and retired from teaching just last year.

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    School boards just seem to attract the most incompetent and incoherent people.
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    The sad thing is we elect those F tards. :mad:
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    Oh, for cry'n out loud!

    I'm so sick of this PC idiocy. <sigh>

    Can I sign the freaking petition?

    Can we create a new petition which requires over-PC fools to spend an hour in Stocks with clown makeup?

    Peace favor your sword,
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    You want the ultimate example of that?.... Do some research into the Kansas City school board.......
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    Our political correctness has even led the French Government to issue travel warnings for visits to the US:

    “It’s recommended to adopt a reserved attitude toward those of the opposite sex,” it says. “Comments, behavior, and jokes, which might be harmless in Latin countries, can lead to criminal cases,” the ministry’s website says.
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    Correction, KCMO School board. We on the Kansas side of KC are fine :)~
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    You're right... I should have stipulated the REAL KC, not KC light..... ....
    But you'll agree those are some real jackwagons on the KCMO school board....