School violence comes to the country

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by ajole, May 15, 2014.

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    NE Utah
    Today we had a little fight at my school. Knife involved. Crazy stuff, really. It was over fast, the kid was caught quickly, he didn't run away, nor go after anyone else, it was out in the parking lot, and no one else was ever in danger...but for some silly reason, our entire district went on lock down. Except us. I just can't say how stupid people are these days.:rolleyes:

    The other odd thing. We knew exactly what happened, there were witnesses to much of it, the kid that did it was caught, the knife was found...and yet cops had our parking lot and half a block cordoned off to look for who knows what for nearly 5 hours.:rolleyes:

    Can't get specific, but it was 3 hits, one serious stab to an upper arm, two to the body but I don't know how bad they were. My wife was nearby, one of the first to get there. Kid was down, but conscious, they got him to the hospital, and then he was choppered to a city hospital, so it was bad, but it looks good. Fight was about a ball game at PE.:rolleyes: May have been an ongoing thing between them.

    Anyway...things were sorta nuts today. But we didn't lock down, no one needs any counseling, and no one died. Pretty good considering the alternatives.:(
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    After Columbine, and before the MSM sold out someone printed a story about a school violence study. They concluded schools today are much safer than they were in the fifties. More kids were killed in knife fights during the fifties than are dying from guns today...or at the time of Columbine anyway.

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    I swear, I'm gonna hold a special "invitation only" class on the slung shot (most of you guys here are invited, you in particular) and we're gonna spend time on knife defense.

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    The slung shot. Just one more banned weapon in CA!

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    It's banned in most states, either by name, by description, or in the general "going forth with the intent to be armed" clauses.

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    Sling shots banned in IL, so are tasers, and stun guns.
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    General public also can't have nunchaku or shuriken :( in CA

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    Not sling shots. "Slungshots."


    Ignore the wiki page. It's idiotic.

    But, yeah, slings are probably banned in IL too.

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  9. hanes and a bar of soap, shows how if you know what your doing you can defend yourself with just about anything.

    saw a video a couple years ago of a girl being trapped in a bathroom and a group of girls beating her up. I just thought if only she knew how many things around her she could have grabbed before they came in to use in defense. instead she just stood there and ended taking the beating of a lifetime.
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    I bet the little animals using the violence were from families with a poor structure and no discipline.