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  1. AndrewST

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    I don't know anything about that scope personally but after doing a ton of research I ended up purchasing this, it is $70 more than the one you are looking at but its a nice scope.

    I have it on my .06 and I loooove it. So clear, so sharp, its nice. Most people compare it to the Leopould VX II and some even compare it to the VX III

  2. Stryker,

    No exp with that particular brand but if this is for a paper shooting non competition rimfire it should get the job done. It is a little on the large size for a field gun or squirrel rifle though, but having an adjustable AO makes it worth packing the extra weight when it comes to taking variable distance shots on small game.
  3. Well I have a simmons 4-9x32 on it now and I have horrible paralax on it at 25m. So I was looking for something with adjustible paralax. It will be primarly a plinker and the every now and then hunter....

    By the way it is a WW special 10/22.