Scope mount installation

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  1. Help!
    I've lost the instructions for installing the scope mount and sling rings.
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    The scope mount is easy.

    *Remove both bolts from the receiver cover.
    *Lift receiver cover off the carbine
    *Remove screws from factory rear sight, being sure to retain backing plates from inside the receiver cover
    * With the scope rail center insert removed, install your scope rail using the provided hardware being sure to re-install the backing plates inside the receiver cover
    * Insert the center support piece into your scope rail
    * reseat receiver cover over the receiver, being sure to align bolt holes
    * reinstall your receiver cover bolts, being sure not to over tighten
    *Mount a scope on that bad boy and go

    I would also add that I will typicaly use low strength loctite on my scope rail screws to make sure they dont back out for any reason. If you do this, be sure it is low strength as the high strength loctite would make it near impossible to remove the screw later

    As for the sling mounts, you just remove two of the factory bolts in the stock, one in front, one in the rear and replace the bolts with the sling mounts. I am not sure which two though, as mine didnt come with sling mount instructions either.

  3. Scope Mount Instructions

    Many thanks!