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    I have put a 4 power scope on my 4595 after removing the sights. The scope mounts will not quite come back far enough to get a good sight picture. I noticed their are two raised areas where the screws for the rear sight go into the rail and this prevents the mounts from using the last position. Anybody else run into this? I thought about bringing down the raised portion level with the rest of the rail but I don't know if that would leave enough material for the rear sight screws should I decide to put the rifle back to original sight configuration.
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    It will be fine. Mom and ask them to send you a spare rail. Possible problems solved, for free.


    You know....I have 7 carbines, and at least 50 scopes on various rifles...and I can't figure out how you are having this problem.

    In order to use an aperture sight, like the OEM irons on the HP, you have to get close.
    And I cannot figure out how one can mount a scope so that it would be farther away from my nose, than the aperture sights are?

    Got any pictures?
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    I have a cheap 4 power on my 4595.

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  5. So, are you able to use the stock open sights with the red dot mounted? This might be an ideal way for versatility. I have an older Marlin Model 1894 lever action rifle in .357 magnum. I got a scope mount that keeps the open sights useable with the scope mounted. I had thought I might use the gun, with the scope covered up, in some cowboy type matches, but never did.

    On a Hi-Point carbine, it would be great to have a dot scope and be able to use the open sights too. If your battery dies, you can switch over to the open sights very quickly.
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    Yes because it offsets the red dot. You'll have to turn the carbine to use the red dot.
  7. Thanks! That sounds like the best way. I've seen some open sights that come with offset rails, but, then you have canted open, and that sounds trickier to zero than having your red dot scope canted.
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    Off set sights are pretty easy to sight in. You just have to decide what your going to use more and make that your main sight. And your back you sight the off set sight.
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    Solved the problem, took springs out of stock.
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    Is it easy to remove the springs?
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    Why would it be any harder or easier? Which will you be using more often? That's the one that should be on the flat rail
  12. Just because whatever sight one has mounted at an angle, you'll have to adjust both windage and elevation to get it to move l/r or up and down. Just would take a bit longer.
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    You need to do that regardless. Be it offset mounted, on a raised thru mount or any other way you can mount it. Its no harder because its offset mounted.
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    I'd still like to see pics...I can't imagine the 1/4 to 1/2 inch LOP change is the real solution here?
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    T-rex arms?
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    the problem was a scope that had a very short eye relief and could not be moved back any further because of the raised areas for the rear sight.
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    I think he's seeing the optic angled in relation to the gun (crosshairs forming an X rather than a +) during usage, so if you wanted to adjust poi up, you would have to be doing elevation and windage for an otherwise elevation only adjustment.

    Angling the gun during shooting will make accuracy suffer, you would want whatever you plan on being the short range sight be the offset, and the original rail be the longer range.

    Although TBH with the limited range of these calibers, it probably won't make much of a difference.
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    I was able to mount a Tru Glo red dot scope on top directly in front of rear peep ring. With red dot "off" you can see the front post and use open sights right thru the scope lens. With it "on" the red dot shows great and is used. Both methods happened to produce a co-sight-- where they both hit to same POA. Sighted in at 30 yds. Deadly. Had put a laser on it prior but not real thrilled with that. But now I have 3 ways/conditions to use the weapon. Open sights, red dot and laser-- all bases covered.