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    hope this is the right place for this question. i'd like to put a scope on my 995 i saw that leapers has a 4x mildot scope that seems like it would be kinda fun to try but is it worth i know its only like 40 bucks i havent heard any reports on it good or bad does any body have any experirance with this scope or is there a better fixed scope (4x and under) scope i don't want to spend more than 75 bucks since this is just a kicking around gun. thanks
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    I've owned 3 Leapers scopes....Yes they are good scopes

    I've used them on MANY air rifles....which are worse than powder burning rifles. As air rifles have forward recoil also.
    I know it'as hard to believe. But I leaned the hard way.
    Then fianlly Bushnell told me why I kept eating scopes.
    So I did research and sure enough....

    I've also used them on a Savage 10 .223
    Not to mention a few rimfires...

    And if it does break they are lifetime warranty.....

    I'd recomend them over all the other CHEAP scopes.