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    I've been happy with my BSA scopes. You could do better, you could do worse, but at the cost, I think you did OK.

    Centerpoint does a similar scope, for about $80, but it's a 1 inch tube, the 30mm on the BSA may be better for light transmission.

    Fight the temptation to crank it up to 24 power. Unless you are very solidly rested, you will wobble all over the target, you will jump the shot trying to catch the bull as the gun crosses it, and your shooting will go to heck fast, and frustration grows, and then shooting is no fun.

    Stay in the 6-10 power at 100, until you get comfortable with things. There is a normal movement of the crosshairs on the target, it's your heart and muscles doing things to keep you balanced and alive. Relax, eliminate what you can, learn to work with what movement is left.

    Unless you have a full on locked in shooting rest, then you can do what you want.;)

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    Well in reality, if he's going up to 24 power, he should be looking at a rather long shot and should be prone or supported anyways. All he needs to learn is the figure 8 technique, control his breathing properly, have good trigger control, and learn to shoot between heart beats.
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    Is there an online course ;)
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    Too minty for me.

    I prefer Listerine!

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    Very similar to this Barska and priced about the same too. $128 sale price. Side Parallax Adjustments, External Locking Windage and Elevation Adjustments, Manufacturer Limited Lifetime.

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