Scope recommendation for old farts

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  1. I'm about to give up on using the irons on my 995, even though others swear by them. I'm 57, severely nearsighted (in the double digit diopters), and squinting to see what's downrange.

    I just got an eye exam, and -- while my prescription has changed a small amount -- I'm not using lenses that are way off the mark.

    I _think_ I need some magnification or other clarification, but what do you suggest?

    How much magnification do you recommend, if any? Or (my ignorance shows here) are there some other non-magnifying optical options that I should be aware of. What scopes -- or other -- do you recommend?
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    I don't like suggesting scopes.
    As a good scope is just as important as the rifle it is setting on.
    But for a decent price the Leapers are ok. I would NOT suggest the Illuminated Reticule, it is VERY bright, and takes up a lot of the light transition.

    I'd suggest a Bushnell Legend or 4200.
    But it being a 9mm I'm not sure the high magnification is needed.
    If you just happen to be rich, I'd jump on a Leupold EFR.
    One of the Clearest, and brightest I ever seen. Too bad my pocket don't hold that much money.

    Iknow what most of you are thinking....You don't need all that.
    But unfortanitly I own a couple good scopes...and I want the rest to be just as good.

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    I use an Aimpoint M2. They are very expensive, but you get the quality you pay for. There is no magnification, but the dot is adjustable to 7 settings from very dim to very bright. Saying that I have to say there is an Asian Air Soft site that makes an Aimpoint M2 copy. The scope is actually made by G&P. G&P's stuff is pretty good. I have one on an Air Soft rifle, but I had it on my AR for about 6 months and never had a problem with it. The place I got it was eHobby Asia Airsoft Supplier. I've just never used the Bushnells or leupolds so I don't know much about them.
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    Wal-Mart carries a few decent variable-power scopes in the $30-$60 range. I've got a Tasco 3x-9x on my Marlin 60 and it maintains its zero regardless of what magnification I have it on.
  5. You might try a small cheap 4X scope from wally world as a start and see how it works for you and go from there.
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    I love the leapers! Are they a Nikon? No... But what the hey they are making some nice stuff. The UTG series is good stuff for the money. I do not mind the illuminated reticule the couple of times I have used it I turned the brightness way down. Most of the time the cross hairs are thick enough and easy to see. At this point for the type of shooting I do I am sticking with Leapers.

    This is a 6 power scope that I think is perfect for the carbine. It does have lit reticule but you do not have to use it. I think it was something like $50

  7. I have a Tasco 3-9X40 scope from Wally World. It was cheap and works OK, not great, but OK.
  8. Are there any quality scopes out there under $100 that are parallex free or set down to 50 feet?
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  10. Thanks for the suggestions. One thing I didn't make clear: strong lenses for severe myopia shrink the image that you see; that is, I see things as if they are about 50% farther away than they appear to a person with normal sight. So, I think for my needs, magnification is necessary.

    I'm going to check out a number of these options, and I'll let you know what I find.
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    Why not try talking to your eye doctor and see if he has any ideas on the subject?
  12. Just an observation farmkid, but when shooting with a scope, I take my glasses off (I have crappy eyesight too) and focus the scope so I can see. Hope you find a way that works for you
  13. Hmmm, I hadn't thought of that, since I assumed that a scope couldn't be adjusted that far (13 diopters), but I'll certainly give that a try.
  14. I use a Leapers bought from Milsurpstuff on my 995 and it works great... once I added a drop of thread locker on the mounting system.

    I just transfered it over to my new Beretta .22 pistol, but I have yet to shoot it with the scope. Looks badass.

    Aimpoint has a nice red dot sight with a screw-on 2X lens. Pricey, but that 2X does wonders if your depth-of-field is narrow.
  15. After looking at the various suggestions, I decided on this one, based on price and features. Benny has it listed for $59.95, but he's out of stock. After finding it for about $80 at several online dealers, I checked eBay, where it was available for a buy-it-now price about $2 higher than Benny's, with reasonable shipping.

    It should be here within the week, and I'll let you know how it works out.
  16. Does it have adjustable focus? I will not buy a scope unless it does.
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    I've purchased optics from them and they're a reputable company. I haven't purchased that particular item, but I like their prices and customer service.

    As far as optics go, I'd go with some of the other comments and get a Tasco 3-9x40 from Wally World. I picked mine up for $30. Plus, you can leave it on 3x if that suites your needs and dial it up if need be.