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    okay I do not know if this really should go here but I decided it does until I get a severe beating by Primal Seal or another admin/mod

    So who stole the scope from their air-rifle/bb-gun for their first .22 scope? I know I did! lol. Then I got a scope for Christmas from my girlfriend and I just mounted that up and sighted it in. The air gun scope was I think 4x16 or something like that. at one point I knew what that meant but I have since forgotten. (4x larger and 16 something?)
  2. Hey Kelo, this topic is just fine for where it is.... Although, you could have put it in the Lounge... I'll go ahead and move it that way you get more traffic, and some more responses....

    I didn't have a scope on the only BB gun I've ever owned, and the .22 rifle I got came with a scope.... Sorry I couldn't add to the story.

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    I never owned a scope tell I bought my last 22. (everything I own is WWII and cold war surplus ) But my best friend was short on cash after buying his buckmark. He thought about it and for $11 he put a Crossman reflex sight on the buckmark. I would have laid big bucks that it would not have held zero very long. Well it has been over a year and it is still shooting right on the money at 25 yards with that darn $11 Crossman airgun reflex.
  4. I actually did it the other way around =] I have a pellet gun I use to shoot the pigeons that are nesting in my eves (tried all kinds of other stuff to get them out, they won't leave so they wind up in the trash can). Just so happened that I found a Simmons shotgun scope on clearance at Wal-Mart when I was buying the gun so I bought it and put it on the pellet rifle. It's a 4x50mm (I think, might be 4x40) Oh and Kelo, the first number is the magnification, the second number is the size of the objective lens in mm. So 4x50 would be 4 times magnification through a 50 mm objective lens. It's a nice scope, has the pro-diamond center, and as long at the pigeon's head is in the diamond it's a kill shot.

    Speaking of which, when I first got it my wife seen me shoot a pigeon and then she decided she wanted to get one of the buggers, when she stepped on the gravel a little off and made a noise and he flew off the roof, she followed him with that rifle and pulled him out of the air. Needless to say I was quite impressed since she's never fired a firearm. I'm going to teach her on the C9 and Davis P-380 sometime soon.
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    my bb gun still has the scope and my 22lr doesn't have one, its a henry lever, we have scoped 22 mags but I wanted something simple.
  6. Ok, this is old, but I'll add to it. I did it just yesterday. I picked up a Crossman break barrel air rifle yesterday. It came with what the box said was a 3x9 scope. I figured the scope would be a piece of junk, but when I got it home I was surprised to find a 3x9x32 Center Point scope. Now I don't know a thing about Center Point scopes, never heard of them before yesterday, but some searching on the net has led me to believe they're decent scopes for the money. All I'm going to use the air rilfe for is killing cans out in the yard, so I've put the scope aside to go on a 22 rifle at some point. I see no reason it won't work. The air rifle actually has more recoil than the 22 does. And if it doesn't, I'm out of absolutly nothing but a little time.
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    I did it the other way too. I stole the scope from my 30-06 for a pellet gun after I bought my new Sightron. Shortly after that I gave the scope to my brother off the BB for his Marlin .22.
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    my 22-250 has a simmons airgun scope
    its a 4x12x50 . it is the ONLY scope that my previous rifle couldn't kill (340 weatherby)
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    I pulled the scope off my old pump .22 to put it on the 10-22. i guess that has to count for something.
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    I took my bushnell off my 10/22 and put it on the pellet rifle.