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    I have for sale,SIX(6) scopes: 2 Bushnell Sharpshooters and 4 Tasco Bucksights. Each is 12" long, 3x9x40, 1"tube, matte finish, 100 yd.parallax, 3"eye relief, lens covers and each is under 3 months old. These scopes were mounted on Ruger Police Carbine 9mm, Ruger Mini 14,Ruger Mini 30,Ruger M77 .270 bolt action, a Russian Baikal Over and Under double barrel rifle in 30.06 and a Bushmaster XM15-E2S Shorty carbine in 223. ALL scopes have had under 100 rounds fired under them. I also have 2 sets of aluminum rings,1 low and 1 hi and a set of Bushmaster mini riser blocks for your flattops. I am offering the ENTIRE inventory of scopes,rings and risers for $100.00 and I'll pay shipping. Each scope is in perfect condition cosmetically and mechanically.
    I will accept a postal money order or a Wal Mart gift card for $100.00.
    THIS IS AN EXCEPTIONAL VALUE for only you gun fiends, uh, friends here @ Hipoint Forums.

  2. uncle jerky

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    SOLD. Thank you all for your interest in these items.
    Sincerely,Uncle Jerky.
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    Dang Primal scooped up all 6? geez! I know uncle jerky makes offers you just cant refuse and hes very pleasant to deal w/ to boot.
  4. Hey boys, it's first come first serve!!! :D
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    Hey don't listen to him boys He used his admin powers and deleted some poor smucks post. J/K
  6. LMAO!!!! Nice goof!!! Good one Thay!

    Regardless, I wouldn't EVER do anything like that no matter how bad I wanted something. I lose out, I lose out... This just doesn't happen to be one of those cases.