scopes for survival guns

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  1. Ok, how many here have scopes on their survival guns?

    If you do have a scope does you gun have open sights for backup in the event the scope gets damaged?

  2. I use scopes, and if need be the iron sights are on the weapons if need be

    All of my milsurps are iron sights.

  3. Thayldt21

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    Have a scope on the .303 As it is for long distance shooting. The iron sight is in a little plastic bag.
  4. Kelotravolski

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    can the scope still function with the iron sights on? I would rather not re sight my gun after damaging my scope in a SHTF scenario.
  5. My scoped rifles are set up with either see thru mounts or so I remove the scope and then use the existing open sights already mounted on the rifle. I refuse to buy a firearm that does not have open sights no matter what I want the gun for.
  6. Kelotravolski

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  7. It's kinda ironic I put this topic up yesterday and on my visit to the range this morning I ran into a fellow who had major scope issues on his 7 Mag. Earlier this morning he took a shot at a deer on the edge of his property, said it was about a 70 yards shot and he totally missed. So he brings his gun to the range to check the scope out and guess what.. one of the mounting screws was broken and his hits were all over the place. Now what is bad is his rifle is a slick barrel gun so he has to take the gun to a smith to have the broken screw drilled and removed, then reinstall, bore sight and get it dialed back in before he can use the gun again. If he is lucky it will be ready before then end of the season, which is 2 weeks away.
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    Scopes on everything except the shotgun, it has an aimpoint.

    Don't need back up sights, have a backup guns, with scopes. Extra scopes at pop's house.
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    but what if you passed out your guns to volunteers? I know I would readily hand over a second or third gun to another person rather than try to go in Rambo style with 800 guns on my back. Or what if you are running for your life from the NAU and your scope breaks on a rock? Are you going to risk going back to your father's house? Are you going to be carrying your extra guns while running? That is why I make sure that all of my guns have iron sights.
  10. Regardless of factory irons or scopes, you can always use good old Kentucky windage if you're in a really bad spot, spray and pray etc.... As long as you are armed to the teeth in a SHTF situation, you're 1 up on most.
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    You don't really have a plan, do you?

    I don't give a gun to anyone I don't know, and everyone I know has their own. I live in a place called Canon County. It gets its name honestly.

    I don't go back to my father's house, I do not leave once I am there. The whole freekin' Russian Army would split like water going around a river rock when they got to that place.

    Who is the NAU, and why are they not running from me?

    Sorry, you caught me at the end of a rough shift. ER was packed. Big knife fight in a bar. The winner is in intensive care. Three other guys didn't win. That was besides all the people that really deserved care.
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    I don't think he was just planning on handing them to anyone. Anyways, would hate to see the losers in that fight....
  13. ...And thats why I won't do medical on the civilian side.

    I think in terms of survival, less is more. In the case of my bolt action 20ga, it has a slot cut in the rear receiver and a brass ball screwed into the front of the barrel. There is no way it'll ever move or be damaged so you always know where its aim is.

    As far as my survival/SHTF/end of the world rifles, I have 2. My 995 and my MN 91/30. The 995 has the peep sight which is better than both open and scopes IMO. The 91/30 is the "heavy" weapon with open sights.

    For both of them, I don't have to worry about bumping, damaging or running out of batteries.

    In either case, I have 30rds in a carrier + 5 loaded for the 91/30 and 3 clips 9mm for the 995.

    Not enough ammo??? I plan on keeping low and collecting your ammo after the fight. :wink:
  14. Ari

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    I always leave iron sighs around even if I have a scope.
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    Well, my 995 is in my survival gear, and I'm ordering a red-dot for it, though I always carry a multi-tool, and in a SHTF situation, I will have the back of the peep sight(I'm leaving the front of it on)so I can put on the old irons if anything happens.
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    Yep. Same here.