Scored a great Hi-Point deal on Gunbroker

Discussion in 'General Hi-Point Discussion' started by Moestooge, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. Moestooge

    Moestooge Member

    I just won a new .380 for $90.16 plus $20 shipping. There have been several good deals on GB lately. I suspect it's because of the economy.
  2. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter

    Why, what's up with the economy?

    * good score *

  3. Grant

    Grant Member

    Yeah, the news and Obama say it is great.
  4. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    I doubt Obama and the liberal media think Moe getting a sweet deal on a gun is great. :p
  5. ArmyScout

    ArmyScout Supporting Member

    That is a good deal. I think it's more the large availability of firearms on the market and lessening demand. The long gun market is worse than handguns. Sooner or later the gunbroker thieves will have to lower their prices to sell anything.
  6. Hokieman1987

    Hokieman1987 Member

    Sweet deal. Hope it's in great shape.
  7. Moestooge

    Moestooge Member

    I was the underbidder on a NIB Savage Rascal that went for $107 plus shipping on Gunbroker the other day. The glut in supply combined with the stinko economy means there are some deals around.
  8. MachoMelvin

    MachoMelvin Well-Known Member

    I had to let a $105 JH-45 smooth slide go the other day because I had too many HP's coming down the pipe line. There will be another coming, I can just tell?