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  1. So I got back from Scotland on Thursday; we spent three days in Edinburgh, and one of those days we took a trip around Scotland and hit Inverness, Loch Ness, Glen Coe, and Stirling (of Braveheart fame).
    We drove about eight hours or so (stopped a few times for breaks and at RAF Menwith Hill to get gas) and got there just in time for dinner at the hotel, and the next day we sort of bummed around Edinburgh on foot; we went to the Edinburgh Castle, the Camera Obscura (it's basically an illusion museum that's topped by what can only be described as a periscope projector on the roof), and also quickly hit the Scotch Whisky Experience and the Walter Scott Monument. On the second day, we toured Scotland by bus. It was mainly driving around the Scottish Highlands while getting an in-depth history of the place. We hit a snag when we got to Loch Ness; we had bought tickets to go on a Jacobite cruise on the Loch to see Urquhart Castle from the water, but a pair of Japanese tourists were late getting back to the bus on the previous stop and therefore caused us to miss the cruise. The driver gave us all a full refund, but they got a tongue lashing from one of the Scottish ladies on the cruise and that even made me cringe.
    Mini-rant: I don't care about the fact there always seems to be a pack of roaming Japanese tourists in every major city and tour, but these people on this tour didn't understand English; the tour operator specifically said the tour guide does not speak any other languages and they didn't have guides or audio tours in another language. So what did they do? They spent the entire tour with their noses glued to their phones and slept. Now, it's not my business to tell them how to spend their time and money on their trip, but even if I don't understand the language, when I go on a tour, I pay attention to my surroundings, I attempt to communicate the best I can, and I follow the rules. And I guaran-damn-tee you, if I became a nuisance to the others on the trip, I'd feel pretty damn terrible; they didn't even seem fazed. What the Hell?
    Anyways, after that, before we left Thursday morning, we hiked up Calton Hill and saw the Edinburgh Observatory and Dugald Stewart Monument (among others) and saw one of the cemeteries they got there in the city. Then we pretty much packed up and headed home; about another eight hours with breaks, and when we hit RAF Menwith Hill again to gas up, we also swung by their bowling ally for Sloppy Joes and chicken tenders lol. Got back around 9:30 PM. Then I was able to wake up early to go to a Dad's class on Friday, yesterday a marriage seminar at the base chapel, and today I get to drive to Cambridge for another 4D ultrasound. Then tomorrow, back to work! I need a longer vacation lol.
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    Other than your experience with the Japanese it sounds like you had a good time.

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    That's awesome FB....... The wife and I's dream vacation is a Ireland, Scotland trip...... Sounds like it was as cool as we're hoping it will be
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    Yea. Wait, what? You need someone to teach you how to be married?
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    That wouldn't hurt doing that in the US brother......
    Busy days Fly, busy days.
    What's a 4D ultrasound?
    Take that flying lesson yet?
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    ENVY!!! I've always wanted to go to Scotland. Sounds like you had a pretty good time, and that's good.
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    Ireland is in my number 2 on my top ten list of places to visit before I die - glad the trip to Scotland was awesome!
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    Going on 26 years and never had a lesson.
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    On the job training eh?
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    I remember marriage classes:mad: Had to take them when I married husband #1 and they basically said we weren't compatible (except when it came to intimacy)

    Hopefully your classes are more fun!
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    I spent 3 years in Britain back in the 80's. We took a trip north thru England and up thru Scotland. We drove north until we ran out of road. All you could see was ocean. On the way we stopped at Loch Ness. Actually thought it was a tourist trap. Met some rude German folks that thought when the sun went down everyone should be dead silent. Left there and went to Loch Lomond. Now that was the place to be. Beautiful, nice people (and very few at that). Only problem was late in the afternoon the midges (looked like miniature gnats) would fly in and attempt to devour everything. (including us) They flew in a large dark cloud. Looked eerie to say the least. Right out of a Steven King novel. We hauled ass back in to our tent to shelter but left our frying pan with food in it on the grill. We came out after it was all over and had 1/4 inch of midges in our frying pan. Totally disgusting. Other than that Scotland was one of the most beautiful places we have every visited in the world. We have seen many countries, but visually speaking, America is the only one that tops Scotland
  12. Ours was called "Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage." Hosted by the chaplains and they showed a presentation by a pastor that's also really funny, talks about everything; brain wiring, sex, behavior, culture of marriage, etc. etc. A tad bit religious, but not too much so.
    And it wasn't one of those, "Our marriage is in danger, we have to go," type things. There were couple who weren't even married yet there as well as at least one couple that had been married over 30 years. It was geared more towards military marriages, where lots of time spent apart, risk of imminent death, and lots of moving around is the norm.

    As for SWAGA, here's a 4D ultrasound:

    They also have the HD 4D ultrasounds which actually looks a bit like pure CGI; it applies skin tones, shadow, and smoothed out the image more to it looks like a photo of your baby inside the womb. We got that done today and I'm waiting for her to get the photos scanned in.

    And no, the flying lesson is on March 7th. We have the baby photo shoot on the 6th (they do one of Mom before the baby's born, then we go back and take another set of Mom and the baby together after he's born), so we've got a hotel in Birmingham so we can do one one day and the other the next without traveling too far.
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    That's awesome man. I still have all of the ultrasounds of my twins. They even had the option to capture low quality video and I have a one of my boys on a thumb drive somewhere. They were having a full blown fist fight in the womb. It was amazing to watch. The ex's stomach looked like something out of alien when they got spooled up.

    Last time I was in Scotland I was too bombed to remember much. A few Corps buddies and I met up with some locals at a pub and we went on a whiskey fueled romp through the countryside.
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    Good trip, FB, Kewl!

    Sounds like it was his problem, he was a rancher and you're a full-throttle cowgirl. You seem to be a "what you see is what you get" type person, too. :confused:
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    Yep that's about it! He was insecure and had strong views about a woman's place is. Needless to say we didn't see eye to eye!
  16. Why, were you too short?

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    Lol no he thought he could be controlling and I don't do that. Equals all the way!
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    Dude... he's Air Force, they are explaining to him how his wife got pregnant. :rofl:

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    I have to control one life already, why would I want to control ANOTHER? People AMAZE Me, really... sometimes. MooNZY must be a free spirit also, or at least a good complement to one. We are supposed to find a mate with complimentary traits, so we can be a synergy of personhood. Being an overlord is a horrible arrangement, the underling is stunted and so is the controller. Net result is less than 2 persons, and sometimes less than 1 :(