Scotty Kilmer Just Found the Worst Car Ever Made

Discussion in 'HPFF Comedy' started by 1024Megabytes, Nov 23, 2020.

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    Just another waste of bandwidth.
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    He moved to Tn, Damn.

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    If Scotty got his arms cut off, he'd be mute.
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    Was watching a video yesterday. Scotty's car has Montgomery county plates. Clarksville, :rolleyes: talk about your shitholes................
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    You apparently have never heard of The Trabant: 109758927.jpg

    The finest in German (Communist) Manufacturing with a engine made of "Duraplast". That's recycled plastics to you and me. This is the High Point of the Automobile Industry.
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  6. I think you just insulted the ghost of Tom Deeb and earned Lifetime Haunting.
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    Well, like the HP, I'd buy one of those POS German cars. Reminded me of the Yugo (You Go...nowhere). If it works, right?! It's not a Lambo or BMW but it'd work. You wouldn't be picking up chicks with it or showing it off at the car show. Kinda like the HP, youre not gonna go to Front Site or The Chapman Academy with it.
  8. Nonsense! My Hi-Point runs, and weren't abandoned in West Germany by the thousands when the East/West border enforcement crumbled.
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    Well, if they stopped making parts for them and you hadda wait 14 years for a new one or parts....

    AND they had Glocks, Colts, Hi powers, CZs etc in the next county....
  10. Those Trabant cars sound like they were very poor quality according to the article. I do not doubt the information either. Many Communist products are not known for their great quality.

    The Avtomat Kalashnikova rifles are an exception though to poor quality Communist products. But I do not like the iron sights of these rifles.
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    They sounded like they were pretty much disposable. It cracked me up that they used a plastic engine.

    I agree with the Klashs. Don't forget Tokarevs, Makarovs, SKSs, Tokarev Rifles (besides the weak firing pins) or Nagant Revolvers. They do weapons well, anything else....ehhh
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  12. You missed the point.
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    He has had over 1.2 BILLION VIEWS with his videos!
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    A friend of mine bought a Yugo the first year they were sold in the US.

    It gave him almost three years of trouble free use.

    The day before its warranty ran out, it caught fire in his driveway and burned to a crisp.

    The dealership sent out a team to inspect the car's remains.

    After dismantling the husk and making no determination as to why it caught fire, they gave my friend a check for $1500.

    He used the money for a down payment on a two seat Subaru.

    Which he still drives today.

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    NE Utah're talking out your 4th point of contact.

    Duroplast was the BODY of the car, it's a plastic resin with cotton or other binders; similar to fiberglass...which you may remember was used on American cars?


    The motor was metal, like any other motor. Cast metal and a few forgings. Crazy thing, it only had 7 moving parts.
    So it DEFINITELY wasn't like any other car.

    It was a 600 CC two cylinder, 2 stroke, with 2 separate coils, weighed about 80 lbs with nothing bolted on, and pushed 25 HP. Over ten years on a waiting list to get a new one, and used ones literally cost twice what a new one did, because you could drive it away today.

    My East German "Uncle in law" drove a Wartburg, the other car of East Germany. Much nicer. 3 cylinders, 1 liter, 58 horses.
    Same basic crap car though.

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    You two dating? And who the fuck are you again? Seriously wondering since you've been a member a while and I can't think of you.
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    More like you missed it
  18. OOOOOOO, tough keyboard warrior. And witty!
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