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    I have a 94 Swede I saved from destiny and realize to shoot it due to my advanced age I need some optics. I plan to use an S&K mount but don't want to hang a scope worth twice as much as I have in the rifle. I have been looking at the Bushnell Dawn to Dusk which purportedly has a 6" eye relief. My thx in advance!
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    The Bushnell dusk to dawn scope is junk !!! , had their 3-9x40 scope on my .308 Savage bolt rifle . The scope was destroyed within 20 rds . The objective lens fell out from the scope body and the elevation knob was very loose prior to the lens fling out . I was only using Winchester super x 180 grain

    I really like Vortex optics as they're nice quality with crisp /clear lens . Not sure if they're still doing this but Vortex was offering nice discounts to military veterans