SD40VE slide removal fail

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    Hey gents, I have something to add.

    Kid bought the Smith. I was teaching him how to break it down and one way or another we got the slide and barrel all out of wack and jammed on the frame. No pics and no correct parts names, the manual has no part list.

    But I figured it out. I think I tried to remove the slide with the striker cocked. The slide and barrel moved forward about 3/4". There the barrel dropped wedging the feed ramp under the frame mounted barrel battery locking cam. The gun was now jammed up but good. We tried everything that did not include force but it was looking like a trip back to Smith was going to happen before he even got to shoot it. I was stumped, thought about hammers and pry bars, no just kidding. But I was close to giving up.

    Then I had a what the hell idea, can't hurt. I moved the slide AFT into its battery location and pulled the trigger. It went CLICK! I went HMM, and the slide came right like normal. An inspection reveled no damage so all is good.

    So if you forget to pull the trigger and try a break down all is not lost. Just move the slide to it's normal battery position, pull the trigger, and press on with nothing more than wounded pride.

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    NE Utah
    Dude! Thought you'd crashed a bike in the mountains and gotten eaten by bears!

    Good to see you back!

    And glad you got the gun figured out.:)

  3. planosteve

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    No he was just trying to break down the Smith.
  4. planosteve

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    Do you have to do a transfer to hand the gun to your son or is that legal still?
  5. duster066

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    Ya we lost a big one here, commie bastards. But no he's of age and it was his first purchase on his own. I told him he's ready for a CPL, and all responsible men should be carrying. He agreed and bought a gun. Now the simple CPL paper work and another good guy will be armed.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    When I first got my S&W SD9ve I took me a few tries to get the slide off ,but once I figured out the correct procedure it was super easy
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    I had the same problem with my 40VE til i figured it out since i didnt get any paperwork with mine but my biggest thing i hate about it was the takedown bar my big old fingers dont work it to well so i ordered the oversize one just havent installed it yet.
  8. Dagwood

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    I actually traded my SD9VE off because the takedown bar was such a pia. I have big mitts and it was very difficult to work that takedown slide. Other than that, it was a great litlle gun. Super dependable and reliable. I'm thinking about getting a cz or a cz clone.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    a friend of mine did tell me that you can remove the slide easier by leaving an empty mag inserted into the mag well but haven't tried it that way yet !!!!!
  10. planosteve

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    Dag I love my CZ I now understand why people rave about it.
  11. I haven't even read your post yet.

    But this is how i felt when i saw your name under thread

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  12. Maybe his pride was hurt so bad he couldn't bear to log on, until he figured that smith out.