Sealed can of ammo - any good?

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  1. I am interested in stashing a couple of C-9's, 995TS's and some ammo in separate locations just in case.

    I found this ammo on

    Has anyone had experience using in the the HP firearms? I had good luck with a Browning Hi-Power a couple of years ago but can't find any small quantities in my area to test it in my HP firearms.
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    read the ammo reviews. It's in there.

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    Tula's a bit dirty but Hi-Points love it.
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    I suggest trying out any ammo with the particular gun you plan to store it with.
    My C9 does not like WWB, for example, but my buddie's loves it. Same box of ammo.
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    A Hi Point pistol is the "Dirty Gurl" of the Gun World :D
  6. anybody ever had any trouble getting ammo through the mail when getting shipped to a Connecticut address? that link had some good deals.
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    I know quite a few guys that have trouble.
    Do you have an ammunition permit? Handgun Permit? Address on both correct?
    If so, some online dealers may ship to you. Many will not ship to CT any more.
    Dealers do not want to have to set up a separate records keeping system for CT. only.

    Oh, no ammo can be shipped through the mail by the way.
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    You can pick up brass cased 9mm at Walmart for about the same price as that stuff. Remove the ammo from the boxes and put it in zip lock bags to save space. Then put the C9, extra mags, ammo, and a desiccant pack or two into a .50 cal ammo can. Everything's in one container with a handle so you can grab-n-go.
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    Good golly these guys and sgammo are gouging the snot out of customers on .223, and 7.62x39!
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    I shop several sources for different calibers. Prices seem to vary quite a bit.
    Appears some ammo is rising in price a bit lately. I don't trust any of them on prices. So, I look for the best price on what I need in various places.