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    Found some bolt catch springs from a m4 at work today. I took out the original and put in this spring and went from a bad breaking trigger with a 9lb trigger pull to a 3.5lb pull and a smooth break with one change of a spring. Hi-Point spring on the right m4 bolt catch spring on the left.

    I also dropped the pistol from 4ft on my floor and hit it against my hand and the spring held.

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    Got any more you want to sell???... lol, Nice find

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    Can't sell them wouldn't be right. Send me you address and I will send you one.
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    After you I have one more.
  5. I'll take it if it hasn't been claimed already!
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    Care to share exactly what make & model the spring was originally intended for?
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    Well it's for a m4 model 3round burst. Make is colt. I will see if I can find some more laying around.
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    Was wondering about changing out that spring. Thanks for the info will go check my spring assortment right now. Later guys, Daveg
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    * Putting my Moderator epaulets on *

    Ahem....( clears throat )

    Ladies and gentlemen, do not try this at home as we ( the Forum) do not condone d*cking around with something as important as a sear spring. You are officially in gun design territory and if you suffer a negligent accidental discharge ( think about that one) we want nothing to do with it.

    Moderator epaulets off.......

    * Now where'd I put my beer ? *
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    SWAGA completely understand your concern. Daveg
  13. Sear Spring Replacement

    I know this is a six month old thread, but I felt I had to revive it for the information, and mainly the SAFETY of others.

    I got myself a couple of Bushmaster AR15 Bolt Catch Springs, F1003091 to replace the sear spring in my C9 as recomended in the thread.

    As most of you will know this spring swap takes less than 5 minutes, and I was excited about getting a much improved trigger pull with minimal effort.

    Well, I DID get a great, light, even pull on the trigger. Probly about 3 to 3.5 pounds and VERY smooth !

    Now Here's the BAD news . . .

    I cycled the action, took out the mag and gave the bottom of the empty magwell a little whack with the palm of my hand.

    The spring did not hold !
    It isn't a strong enough spring to hold if the pistol gets a half a$$ed bump to the bottom of the magwell.

    I tried this again with another identical spring (I aquired 2)with the same results.

    I took the pistol back down, replaced the OEM sear spring , put it back together and decided after testing, the trigger pull wasn't so bad after all !

    If you insist on doing this mod with this spring,

    As always YMMV !

    Hope this helps someone.
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    Mr. SWAGA

    If I may correct you sir, before making a statement like that, the proper phrasing is

    " Hey, hold my beer"

    Then when done, you never have to ask where it is
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    I had a similar BAD result experimenting with the sear spring in a JHP. Great trigger, but the gun became an auto double tap with hot loads. I too replaced the stock spring and lived with the stock trigger which isn't terrible once well broken in.

    On a giddy note: A full auto HP would dump a mag in under a second. That 45 would make two holes inside of am inch. Lol