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  1. I have a new 995TS and acquired an older Weaver V7 scope with a Leopold ring attached. What I would like is a see through ring to mount the scope so the iron sights would be usable. Any information on a good height for the ring (1" diameter scope tube) would be appreciated. Also if you can recommend a specific mount it would also help me.

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    Post pix once you get it together :D
  3. Had to remove rear iron mount to get the scope on the rail, no pics, sorry.
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    This thread is a mess. Links to rings that won't fit the HP rails, no mention that most see through rings that tall would eliminate cheek weld entirely...

    I'm thinking this simply isn't a good way to go, as evidenced by the OP abandoning it.;)

    BTW, there used to be a mount made that was sheet metal, cut to clear the ejection port, drilled to use the shroud cover bolts to mount to the gun, and bent to provide a flat surface above the OEM sights, with a rail attached there.

    I've got one.:)