Seeing as high point don't make shotguns

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  1. Justme

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    Eventually I hope to purchase a good shot gun for not much money, having a kid on the way. Need to save right?lol.

    Not sure what the budget would be for one, but most likely around 200 bucks depending on the situation in the future. I have heard of NEF but have no clue what they are, any thoughts?

  2. Sniper 995

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    An NEF pump costs around $200 has a STEEL reciever but is made in china and is kinda heavy (because of said steel reciever). A remington 870 is made in usa and will set you back about $250-$270, it has an alum. reciever and is much lighter. Both are great guns.

  3. freedom

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    Look for a good used Mossberg. I bought mine used with ported barrel for less than 200 in camo.
  4. Silicon Wolverine

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    remy 870 recievers are steel as well. The only guns i know of that had aluminum recievers were some savage 20 ga guns.

  5. Maverick is Mossberg's cheapo brand and it's supposedly as reliable, and very cheap.
  6. I have the NEF Pardner Protector. It's an 870 copy and is one of the most reliable shotguns I have ever owned. I got mine for $170 OTD. It's my HD shotgun. Great gun for the money. Any accessories made for the 870 will fit the Pardner.

  7. Ridge

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    Everyone mistakes my HP for a shotty :)
  8. I second the used Mossberg (500 or 835) or Remington 870. Often times these can be found for $125-$175. Look for the wood ones, around here they seem to be less expensive. The Maverick sells new at Wally Mart for around $185 and seems to be a very solid gun for the money.

    Another option is an IAC shotgun. I examined one of these a week ago and was impressed with how solid it felt.
  9. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    Yeah get a wood one for cheap and then you can buy synthetic stocks and whatnot for it later...
  10. I got a new Mossberg 500a at wally world a couple of years ago for 200. I have owned 2 of them and they are good dependable shottys and will serve you well.
  11. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    Anyone heard of Ultra-87? they look good.
  12. shelbyzman

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    The mossberg maverick is a good shotgun. Most of the 500 accessories will work on it.
    You can get them for round $180 new. This is the 20" version (7+1)
    The 18.5" version is a 5+1 I think.

  13. gvachon

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    I love my mossberg 500 so much I just bought my niece one off gunbrokr for 145. It was used but in great shape.
  14. Nice looking shotty there.
  15. Batjac

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    The Hawk 982 is the same thing as the NEF. Both made by Hawk Industries in China on the same line. The Pardner Pump is just branded NEF and the Hawk is factory branded. I bought one of the 982's in an 18 in barrel and like it a lot.
  16. I have the Mossberg 500 combo with an 18 1/2 inch barrel and a 28 inch barrel. I got it on sale at Big 5 for 239 BNIB.
  17. AndrewST

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    Get a Remington 870, Mossberg 500, or Maverick. Any of them would be great for a low cost shotgun option.
  18. I paid about $230 for my Remington 870 at Wal-Mart, My buddy picked up a Mossberg 500 for $250 with a 18" and a 28" barrell brand new from Big 5 Sporting Goods, if you guys have one of those close, and my other buddy picked up a used (great condition) Winchester 1300 Marine for around $200 all three have shot flawlessly, plus midway USA sells a butt load of upgrades for them when finances allow
  19. squeak_D

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    Saiga, makes a semi-auto .410 that's just a little over $200. I've seen prices on gunbroker for them as low as $259 NIB, but as with gunbroker you have to be careful because some of the prices for firearms there are way out of line. A good example is I've seen NIB Saiga .410's sell for $259, and listings right next to them selling the same freakin gun for nearly $300 and over.