Seems like a reasonable price...

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  1. A few years back that sucker was on ebay for about the same price.

    If would be even better if it was bigger and street legal...... and came with some laser cannons.

  2. customers who bought items like this also bought naughty net g string, and crotchless panties LOL nice combination
  3. Only a 6HP engine for 20 grand? C'mon, make it 100 HP, beef it up some and you got a bad ass toy. It is very cool though.
  4. Nothings gets panties wet like a tank that looks like Jawas built it lol.
  5. Fenix

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    Jawas was the first thought in my mind when i saw it. for 20k ya think you could make it look a little nicer and a little more speed.
  6. I like the looks, but yes more power, 6 HP and holds 5 people? bet it tops out at 15 MPH fully loaded. And not street legal, what's the point, too low to the ground to go anywhere but the driveway.
  7. Not only did they buy a g string they also bought synthetic urine
  8. was the heck is a badonkadonk (besides the trace adkins song...) :lol: :lol:
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    it is a particularly curvaceous or large female posterior. Which also brings to mind this for some reason: