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  1. Curious if I no longer have service through Verizon, if I am able to sell my phone to someone and they would be able to activate it with Verizon with no problem? Have only done this once before, and it worked then, but want to make sure before I go and sell my cell phone. Can someone help me out with this...
  2. depends they turn certain models off after a while so you can't reuse them my wife and i had the same phone and i purchased a new flip (no Insurance) and snapped it in half they told me my model was no longer able to be activated even though hers still worked

  3. Its an lg enV so its new enough to be good to use. Think I might sell it.
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    Taurus, as eagleye said, as long as the model is viable, then yes it can be reactivated. I have heard stories of someone buying a used cell phone to find out they had to pay a balance on the account before it could be activated, but that was only what I was told. I dont change phones too often, so mine arent worth alot by the time I get done with them even though they are in good condition. I prefer to donate them to a charity here that supplies them to battered women for 911 use.
  5. Also make sure all information is erased. Phone numbers and text messages.
  6. Sorry about the OT here Taurus, but I sent 4 of mine to the place that sells them and donates the money to get calling cards for GI's in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    I think a 15 year old kid started the organization.

    Got little postage paid plastic envelopes in the goodie packet with a order from sportsmansguide or something
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    When my old motorola v276 kicked the bucket, a friend of mine gave me her old samsung, it was fairly new, and i WOULD have activated it but i got my phone repaired for free.
    I'm also with verizon.
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    It's not an issue of what model. A law was passed requiring a GPS tracking feature (supposedly for 911). Any phone that was activated BEFORE the law went into effect is okay, but they're no longer allowed to activate a phone that does not have the newer GPS tracking technology.

    Also, analogue phones will be utterly useless in a year. Digital only.

    You should have no problem selling the phone, so long as your account is in good standing at the time the phone is deactivated. Some carriers won't activate a phone if that's not the case.

    Most phones can also be unlocked so that they can be used with other carriers.
  9. Any one wanna throttle the cell phone companies? And all the regulators that enable / push them to all this non-sense. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    No need to respond. It was rhetorical....
  10. I have 2 phones with Verizon and my son got an expensive used phone from his GF. Her dad bought her a new one. My son just had to get her dad to okay moving the phone over to my account. I guess that protects you from someone stealing your phone and getting it activated.
  11. Cool cool, think I'll throw mine up for sale on the forum first before tossin it to ebay. Looks like they go for a hefty price over there, dang.