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  1. im wondering if anyone knows how i can legally sell my c9 to a friend so that i am legaaly not binded to the serial number on the firearm, dont get me wrong i have another c9 just want to sell my second one so my buddy and i can go out to the range you know, please advise if there is a special form i need or what i must do to protect myself, god forbid his home gets robbed and the firearm is stolen,
  2. If you live in the same state I think a bill of sale wold suffice. If you are worried about legal issues, you could make 2 copies and have them notarized

  3. Since they started denying wife beaters the right to purchase a firearm I pretty much stoped private sales to people I do not know, long gun or hand gun. The few guns I have sold to individuals over the last 8 years I required them to fill out a bill of sale and have a notary stamp it. Had some people that refused to do a bill of sale and I refused to sell, CYOA come first in my book. In my state, SC, this will legally protect you in the event that gun turns up on the wrong side of the law later on down the road.

    No bill of sale, Me no sell!

    Check with your local PD, SO or State LEO's and see what they have to say. Better safe than sorry.
  4. I would do it through a FFL. That way there is a NICS check and the gun is logged in and out of the FFL's books. When I give a gun to my son I did this way, now I do not have to worry about it.
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    I think it varies from state to state. When I lived in Mich. a few years ago my dad gave me his 38 from when he was a cop. I had to take it to the sherriffs office, they checked the serial # and fired a round through it for future balistics in the event it was used for a crime and I filled out all the paper work to have it registered to me.
    Now I'm in Ohio and you don't have a weapon registered to you at all. (Which I think is kind of stupid but oh well.) I gave a weapon to my son and I did just what was mentioned before. I made out a bill of sale with all my sons and the guns info and had it notorized just to be on the up and up.
  6. thanks a lot for all the insight definately allow me to sleep better , not that i dont trust my friend but he just moved out here to san antonio texas and doesnt quite have established residency for him to purchase a firearm, so i always dread the worst what if his home is robbed when hes not there and the c9 gets stolen, ya know, now NICADFLYER is there a link to the FFL, Ive already looked into the bill of sales and ordered the form but i would like to transfer liability in total , just to be safe of anything
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    In Wash State , I went to the police office and they gave me a form that you can fill out and send in. It's available online but I don't have it here in front of me to tell you where to look. Totally voluntary but it gets my name off the serial number for the very reasons you mention.
  8. You made a good point Dean, I keep forgetting that we are 50 different states, each with its own sub laws. That United States thing keeps throwing me for a loop LOL

    Thats pretty wild, having to take it in and have a test bullet fired. Thank goodness Okla hasnt thought up anything like that yet! :shock:
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    That should be allowed everywhere like when you sell a car you just send in the form to DMV that shows who you sold it to. Personally, I'm glad it isn't cause I want the least amount of paperwork with my name on it linking me with any gun. They will come for them one day soon. I'm sure of that. All you have to do is track their baby steps that have been moving us towards being totally disarmed for a long time now. Can't have armed civilians in The New World Order.
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    i think this is sound advice, i live in ohio and private sells i dont believe require any paper work at all.

    however if it was a friend i'd just scrible/type a receipt..

    if it was someone i did'nt now i'd probably get it notarized like you suggested.

    also use your noggin read the person out if you think they're up to no good then dont sell it to them.. a criminal will probably buy on the street which is both cheaper and protects them from paper trail and such.

  11. I dont mind a paper trail on the firearms I own because I am a law abiding citizen and use my firearms for legal shooting activities. Would be nice to have a couple paperless guns though, but it does not bother me one way or the other.

    Some people blow the paper trail way out of proportion in my opinion, and those are the ones I refuse to sell to. CYOA is my motto.
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    Ya and if I was to ever sell a gun which I would never do, I want to know who I'm selling to also. So, law abiding citizen, what you want those paperless guns for anywho? :wink: You don't have to be a criminal to want privacy.
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  14. i really don't think you need to go through a dealer...all you really need is a bill of sale or notarized paper showing you sold it. some kind of proof that its no longer in your possession.
  15. ok ok so i sold the firearm, with the biull of sales and notorized the letter, i thank all of you for the insight and information,
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    There is no gun registration in TX... so a notarized bill of sale is plenty.
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    In michigan Handguns are registered with the police dept. Meaning you go there to get a purchase permit.. then bring the gun in for inspection and registering when the sale is done.

    so unless your gun is stolen, you never have to worry about that stuff.