Selling my cf-380

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  1. Well I have decided to get rid of her.I am reloading 9mm now, and it just makes sence to get a c9 instead of buying another set of dies and components.
    My buddy wants to buy it from me, but it still pains me to sell her. Is 100$ a fair price for it with polished feed ramp and barrel walmart holster 50 rds rem umc fmj and 10 rds of speer gold dot?
  2. with all that it sounds pretty fair.

  3. Sounds fair to me too. Can understand why you are selling, but its always sad to hear of a gun going bye bye.
  4. Sounds good, though I'd hold on to it too. Even if you don't shoot it that often, you might regret getting rid of it later. Can't find a better firearm for the price.
  5. sorry to hear that, i'm sure it must to pain you to make that decision.
  6. The price seems fair to me.

    Though they only gave it a rating of C, GunReports said pretty many good things about the CF380.

    They said the finish was good and that like every Hi-Point that they have tested that it functioned every time, they also mentioned that the price was very fair and that Hi-Point was American made and had a lifetome warranty.

    To be fair, the CF380 was up against guns costing a good deal more.
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    sounds like a pretty good price to me.
  8. Like the others said, your price sounds good.

    Personally I would hold on to it even if you didnt shoot it often. I reload for .380 and 9mm and enjoy both calibers. .380acp is one of my favorite calibers even though 9mm makes a better choice for self defense and is cheaper to shoot when using store bought ammo.
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    I own a cf380 and I personly would not get rid of it I also own the c9 and I perfer my 380
  10. Hang on to it. I own the C9 and CF380. Just like with my sons, I love both equally. They are in no ways the same but I would hate to choose between them.
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    I wish you were local, I'd help you out with that!
  12. :cry: I will echo that. I been lookiing in Florida and I love the look of that 380. Want the others too but any one I don't have is a piece I need.
  13. well i did it. i sold it to my buddies mom. She drives through downtown kc late at night for work so she needs something for personal protection. What kills me, is that i have to wait till the gun show comes through in late march to get a c9. there is a vendor that sells them for 130 out the door.
  14. 130 out of door, man, that is a good price.
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    Call your local distributor and see if he will match that price.

    From the HiPoint website:

    ONROPS Enterprises
    11106 E. Winner Rd.
    Independence, MO 64052
    Phone: 8166944743
  16. Ive been there a few time and the guy really didnt want to deal. He wanted 160 for a cf-380, and he really never hae any stock. It pains me, but i'll wait.
  17. I had a CF-380. It was first HiPoint, and first pistol in a number of years. It was just enough to get me hooked. Eventually I did sell mine too for good reasons, but I miss her.....